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LF IC RP Partner


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I've been playing tor since launch and i've been looking for a role-play partner. I play on the Kath Hound server and what i mean by IC is that our dialogue choices during missions and any dialogue while leveling would be done IC. I am fairly flexible in regards to what faction we play or class. I am also open to any RP scenarios such as: Master/slave, jedi/padawan, sith/apprentice and so on.


I am looking for someone who is of any rp level, though i prefer someone who has done some rp in the past. They would also have to be dedicated, meaning they don't just drop out after a week or two. In terms of play time i am able to play each day of the week, usually during the afternoon and most of the day on the weekends.


I would also be interested in developing a romantic relationship between our characters over time. Same sex romances would be acceptable, i'm open minded. In regards to the romance plotline i would prefer playing with someone is an adult.


If interested feel free to send me a PM or an email to my main characters on Kath Hound: Trayus-SI and Nihlus-BH

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