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Dear DEVS.. we need a LFG tool or something


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Going on 20 and from Fri to now can not get a group for just HAMMER STAION. Yes since what 17... Yes there are people looking but its always missing something.. healer or tank. No lie been hours and its no fun.. lol this is why I went to just quest because could not get a group. Now lvl 20 and still cant.


Server heavy most time ... .. and no I really don't want a lfg tool but there was only 3 of us in the social window (this SWTOR answer when you ask, tell them you cant get a group) there was out of 90 one time to 180.. just us 3 with LFG. So you spam chat (sad).. sure you get one - 3 people but they get tired of waiting and leave..


Really starting to not look good if I have to just SKIP these things

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