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King Hutt


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To address the issue with Faction imbalance in Ilum I suggest the following:


Limit equal numbers of each faction into Ilum at any one time


Limit the time anyone can spend in Ilum if they are part of the faction with more people waiting to get in


Queue up the faction that has more people waiting and offer them the option to play a new game called King Hutt while they wait to get into Ilum or do other quests/pvp while they wait for Ilum to open up.


King Hutt:


New game that is an all out free-for all. Sort of a cross betweek King of the Hill and a wrestling "King of the Ring"


The game starts with 10 players on top of a piller, with no guard rails on it. The goal is to be the last person standing on the pillar at the end. Last person standing gets some random prize for being the King Hutt.


Valor points awarded for each "kill" actually killing an opponent or blowing them off the pillar counts as a kill.

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