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Why 20%? Just want to know if tested


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So after playing Rift for almost a year there was this magic nerfing value that was always used. Guess what number? 20%! Warriors in that game were 2 globaling classes like crazy, but the main problem was off gcd reactives that procced and could be used in succession.


Those were nerfed, things were better. Similar to consumable stacking here. But to top it off Trion decided lets nerf a bunch of attacks by 20%. What did that do you may ask? It made melee warriors completely pathetic in PVP. What happened after that was a mass exodus of warriors in that game then an almost gamewide exodus. Sweeping nerfs/buffs just killed that game.


I just want to know how much this has been tested. Why is the magic number always 20%? It seems like overkill for a class that doesnt have much else to define itself. I guess time will tell what/ OPS/Scoundrels will be like after this but now a 31pt ability and only real opener could be very very weak.


Is a gradual nerf not an option for testing? Why almost 25 %??? Trion killed their game with sweeping changes like this. This should concern all classes for the future.

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I just want to know how much this has been tested.


This is what absolutely every panicked fool on this forum seems to be completely ignorant to: the update notes posted are for the Test server. Yes: TEST SERVER.


So to answer your question, yes, it's currently being tested. Things could change. Relax. Go have a cigarette or something.

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I do know this is on test server. But as I stated I've seen this before. It's quite rare for the dev to adjust or pullback there initial adjustments from PTS. It takes a lot to do so. Hopefully bioware is different than Trion was and doesn't just slap it on PTs then live.


There were only a couple extreme circumstances where trion did not go forward with their initial patch once it hit PTS.


Also it is going to be very hard to prove how good or bad this change will be without combatlogs and parsers. That is my main concern, BW has all the numbers but we do not. I am not a sheep. If the change will work without gimping the class fine but if it will nerf into the ground with no viability then there's a big problem.


I"ll concede the knockdown duration and damage may need a slight tonedown. But 1.5 seconds means it could be useless. Idk just raising questions here.


Would really like to know what they think of sorcerers and tracer spammers....

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I am fine if they nerf down more the opener's dmg, but we have no real gap closer apart from the snare , which if we get snared also its useless and no sustained dps.


If you lower the burst dmg ----> make sure you increase sustained dps, otherwise this is going to be one of those useless classes , you know why?


Because in group fights, an operative (right now be4 this nerf patch) could not bring down a healer or any1 who actually know's how to play, burst is gone and there are a few options left for him.


1) keep scratching the target and they /laugh at you when they kill you


2) run away hoping they won't chase you, but they usually do and you get to step 1)


3)Vanish and leave hoping to find a solo target


Yes solo targets were easy, but still good players who knew how to play had a chance to beat the operative down.



Bioware give this class a real purpose and utility in this game

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Hi all,


We know that this is something the Operative Imperial Agents feel strongly about right now and we would like to make sure that feedback regarding it isn't lost or diluted among many threads. So, we ask that you please continue your discussion and feedback regarding the changes in 1.1.1 to our ongoing thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=212330

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