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Fix for Quest Nodes/Objects


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There is a fundamental flaw with how the quest objects work. I don't mind when someone comes up and interacts with the quest object I am clearing mobs for... I really don't. What I DO mind, is that in some cases it takes 30 seconds to several minutes to interact with it again!!


Please fix this so there is NO timer.... why can't it just be available to anyone?! So someone gets it while I am clearing the mobs, big deal, they are missing out on the xp from those mobs, when I get done killing them, I should be able to go right over and interact with the same object and move on.


This would get rid of the negative feeling of someone ninja'ing a quest object, since there would be no wait timer. Several other MMO's already have this... why is this not default practice?


Either that, or treat the area like WAR and anyone that interacts with a quest object helps everyone else in the area. The amount of frustration on some of these quest objects and how fast they "respawn" is ridiculous.

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There are some mission objects that have an involved animation or reaction to being interacted with. So those obviously you would have to wait on to finish doing their thing before acting on it again.




I do agree, its kind of weird to see someone run up and blow up the tower, then I blow up the tower, then the guy behind me blows up the tower. Those special animation interactions should really only be visible to the person/group that is clicking that item... not every bystander around them.


That would then make every object available too others because the animation only plays for the person/group who touched it. Much like how the "Dialog Bubble" pops up for various different people to get/take a mission. You don't have to wait for that NPC to finish with the prior guy, before you can talk to him, right?



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