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PvP in this game is a big joke right?


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1. Open world pvp is farming lag, awesomely fun really.

2. Huttball is all about having as many sorcerers and assassins as possible

3. On that note, sorcerers/sages are unbelievably imbalanced it's not even pretty anymore. Fast speed, imba shield, insane heals, mega dps, super slow, did I forget anything? Oh yeah the assassin resist stun ability, loving that in huttball

4. Being a tank is the most useless thing ever. "make tanks viable in pvp", are you kidding Bioware? Honestly a sorcerer can almost absorb more damage than me with 19k HP and end tanking gear. If he's being healed then that's np whatsoever. PvP is about dps, being able to kill important players quickly, because even as a tank, if there are too many ppl left on the enemy team, 3-4 people can easily **** me.

5. On that note, the tank dps is a laugh. Sorcerers, mercs and operatives can do insane dps and also heal just as much as any decent heal spec? Why not let tanks do just as much dps like a dps spec then?

6. CC... seriously? I get CCd like 7-9 times in a row. Diminishing returns my ***. Fix that asap, it's a damn joke atm.

7. Premades aaahh the premades. Some no-lifers ganging up together to own 20 warzones in a row. I can tell you, it's a lot of fun on the other end.

8. The pvp gear is BETTER than the raid gear. It even LOOKS better than the raid gear. So what you want us all to pvp while the pvp is completely **** compared to the nice operations you have?


Not to mention the bug you get that you sometimes don't get a win for your daily wins

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