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Improving space combat


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I really enjoy space combat. Here are some ideas for making it even better.


How about adding space skill points that would modify your ship's performance the same way character skill points do? For instance "Missiles travel 10% faster" or "10% extra damage vs turrets." Add space combat levels and give a skill point each level that is achieved.


Since space combat is like an arcade game, how about having high score leaderboards?


It would also be nice if there were more weapon and other upgrades to purchase especially at lower levels. You have to get up pretty high before you can start purchasing the power converter and other abilities right now.


Having played a lot of space combat now, the early missions are way too easy when I play an alt. It would be nice if there was a way to select to do a Hard version of a mission that would be... harder and would give more rewards. Or another possibility would be to add thrusters that would allow you to speed up a mission you are finding too easy so you could complete it faster.


All space missions should have a chance to give a lockbox containing ship upgrades with the chance for a lockbox increased based on your performance in the mission and the mission's difficulty level.


Eventually it would be cool to have co-op, heroic, and even pvp missions.

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