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+10 Datacron Glitched


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So I didn't now where else to put this but yeah...


Some guildies and I went to get the +10 datacron and for some reason on the part where you're all suppose to type "/stuck" it won't respawn us where it's suppose to (you're just in the same spot). We figured maybe they took that out so you had to grapple from your console area. Well, only two of the four people could get to it... and even then the grapple above the door wouldn't turn on.


Our guess was that when they got rid of the glitch where a jugg could intercede the holodancer it must have messed something up..


And yes we're sure we were doing it right. It's known for being glitchy but it was impossible atm.



Has anyone else recently attempted this and had the same problem? Pretty annoying...

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