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Ilum PvP issues- My thoughts


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It may have been a poor design and partially Bioware's mistake but it is also the players mistake's that did exploite or grief other players.I belive most of the blame is on the 'players' with no self control, than on BW for the mistakes of Illum.


I do understand all the people going up in arms about this abuse. but It's like they've never played a MMO before.


How is camping illegal? Does it violate the terms of use? In my personal opinion i belive it is becouse it is considered griefing. No, I did not partake in the Ilum abuse. I was spawn camped for 5 min on ilum then i alt+f4 the game and logged out for a hour or so because i could not play in a fair and fun environment.


Regardless of what you think is "legal" or not in THEIR game, BW ultimately has the say in what they believe was "intended". My opinion is that Bioware should hand out bans to these people or at least suspend there accounts or take other appropriate action they deem necessary. Clearing all valor gains on Jan 18th of the people who abused the system if that is all the action they takes enough justice for me. Lastly, I do agree that Ilum is not very fun ATM, and if properly made and tuned may be a good concept and fun to play, but at the same time its horrible as it is now, I think Tol Barad and more-so Wintergrasp were incredibly stupid too.


For all those that are quitting? I think it's kind of sad to see so many people quitting or threatening to do so over this subject.


I have to ask whats up with the hate? First people demand an answer, actions to be taken and now that they finally getting detailed answers, game developers just like any business or society takes time to sort things out and take appropriate actions. You guys keep giving negative criticism. Also keep in mind that BW did give a pretty early answer but not detailed, take a hint why? They did not expect this, giving a detailed answer requires work and gather data, it takes time. They have to bring up all possible solutions then pick the most likely one that makes sense and work even if it might not be the one everyone wants, which is a process that takes time.


I have played almost every MMO out there. Bioware has done a great job with the story line and development of this game. if you compare it to other games on release dates SWTOR has fewer bugs, more stability and a lot more content released than any other game i have seen. Meanwhile, let's cut the developers some slack - I lived through WoW from launch, and it was a much bumpier ride than this has been. Lets just pls have some faith in bioware and the game developers


If you don't like bioware or the game, If you intentionally intend to exploit or grief, Please i ask that you just unsubscribe and go back to WOW or another MMO.


I am staying in i love all the other aspects of the game (story line) and will just stay away from pvp till i consider it fun.

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Since we have a few threads on the topics being addressed here and in order to keep feedback consolidated, we are going to close this thread and ask that you please continue this discussion in one of the following threads:


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If you would like to make constructive suggestions geared towards improvement of the game, or discuss game issues/bugs, we encourage you to participate in the following threads:


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The Suggestion Compilation


Thank you!

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