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Here is how you fix PvP


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The first thing that need to happen in this game is to obviously stop making things worse. The second thing is to come out with a new PvP tier set of gear and make all the current items insanely easy to obtain thus evening the completely imbalance playing field you've created. Lets face it, you don't have the time or resources to track down the thousands of exploiters, maybe you'll make examples of a few but you're not fixing anything without a full rollback so...


Starting with a clean slate, lets take some lessons learned.


#1 Hire someone to take the lead on Illum. This needs to be someone who has actually played competitively AND successfully in the mmorpg PvP scene of at least 3 PvP based MMORPGs.


#2 Depending 100% on RNG to obtain your T2+ PvP gear is possibly one of the worst implementations of GAINING something for your time and skill. Wait, sorry RNG has no bearing on either of those. Point made? No, to make it more clear, there's no reason an unlucky person should have 2 pieces of gear out of 30+ tries and someone who may completely suck at PvP but got lucky on week one of hitting level 50 has a full set.


I'll push this further, just to clarify why this is so bad.


When it comes to PvP, a COMPETITIVE near sport like feature of online games you don't tell the guy who's been playing awesome all week owning people that little Timmy, who's been trying to figure out what a Warzone objective is for the past 3 days, deserves better gear because he had more luck.


#3 Illum... Well lets see, the first thing you should have done in the design phase of this is question what all other good PvP areas in other games did, then work to build off of that. Or at least take some of the founding principals / lessons learned about good open PvP. Things like, you NEED EPIC NPC's to guard objectives, giving either side, however imbalanced at least a few seconds warning to get there and try to defend. #2 rockets? really? You couldn't have made some guarded outposts that required something a little more? maybe 1000 rocket shots or so? I'll let you decide that. Anyhow lesson there is, objectives need defense at all times, only way to do that is automated defense, the harder, the better. (brings out more PvErs, they like doing silly repetitive things over and over)


3.2 AS stated above, if you want a good and healthy PvP zone, you're going to need plenty of people, unfortunately not everyone loves PvP rather they favor PvE more... USE THEM AS BAIT! Give global Experience bonuses for holding objectives PvE damage bonuses etc. Now remember, these objectives need to be hard to take, easy to defend. simple concept someone forgot to think about in your original design.


3.3 Rewards in Illum, now, here is where you really need to get down and gritty with math, and yet again another simple concept that was spawned from many mmorpgs failing to do it correctly the first time. Rewards need to small for people at low ranks, larger for people at higher ranks, preferably tokens to buy gear with and please no RNG in here.


#4 Don't be like every other newly released game, you've done a lot of new cool things with this game, but DON'T make the same mistakes others have, learn from them and the PvP community that already went through all of this headache with companies that had no clue until it was too late. Stealing good ideas is GOOD, just improve them when you take them!


#4 Don't be afraid to completely disable something in the game if it's throwing off the balance, I would much rather not be getting more RNG bags than now debating on if I want to play this game because of the thousands of people who exploited your 'NEW' Illum. Everyone on these forums knew what was going to happen the day you announced the details on it, and it did... that's just, well, sad on your part.


Oh and for those who want to do the never ending debate on what an "exploit" is. You know right from wrong, don't be stupid. If it wasn't intended its and exploit,, if you didn't have to do much work for a lot of gain, probably an exploit.


Alright well I was bored and can't sleep and surely not interested in playing till this is all fixed up. :D

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Better way to fix PvP is to make PvP gear easily accessible to all with minimal investment.


This is, after all, PvP - not PvGear.


That would be nice, unfortunately not realistic in a mmorpg, people need an edge of some sort, take away the gear and replace it with plain skill points gained from rps, honor, valor, whatever you wish... DAoC had it down pretty good pre-ToA days, everyone had the same gear with slightly custom enchants. Most of the best PvP competition around is still played on classic shard servers.


And no I'm not here to cry, I'm offering advice. I'm content with my level of skill and I can still compete without any pvp gear. Thanks for trolling tho.

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