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Crashing and Graphics Bugs


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First, I'm not sure this is the place to post this. If I should post it somewhere else let me know.


Ever since patch 1.1 I have been experiencing loading screen graphics glitches, where the image displayed is all wacked out and the text on the screen is unreadable. Aside from that the planet loading screens and all other game graphics are generated fine.


Every time I quit the game my computer freezes and will not allow me back to my desktop and I am forced to hard reboot. This has also occured when trying to load into Alderrann and has also happened when fast traveling on Illum.


I have dual gtx 580s in sli and a 3930k. Drivers are up to date and like I said, I NEVER had a single crash prior to the release of 1.1.


Anyone else having problems like this?



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