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Logout while crafting Artifice items loses Rare Materials


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So i've had this problem twice curious if others are experiencing this.


I am crafting Lvl 49 "Advanced Armor" (which requires 4 Mandalorian Iron), i decide to logout while my crew is crafting the items. When i log back in they produce blue level items, and all my rare materials are lost. Even the artifice items i had in queue are suddenly blue items in queue, and all the rare materials attached them gets lost.


Is this a problem across professions? I'm a 400 Cybertech, and this is 2nd time this week. (Have 2 tickets in with no response)

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I have a similar problem I believe. From my other post:



I just started crafting an Epic energy sheild "Quelleh Industrial Energy Shield" on my Cybertech crafter.


- I had the exact number of material needed, including some epic Class 5 mats.

- The total duration is 43 mins and something.

- Last I checked, it showed duration was 41 minutes to finish crafting.

- I went to PVP, came back and then suddenly the craft had disappeared and I LOST ALL THE MATERIALS ?!! Like what the .......


I sent a ticket and I am royally pissed, because I know from the 78 other tickets, that nothing will be done. I've just had it ... seriously had it.


Bugs, I can live with. Horrible CS, I really cannot.


I just wonder if posting here will help in anyway. I swear if it is going to be just another "we have forwarded your message to" ... :mad: ...


I want you to fix this now please.


Every day, a new bug, and I feel closer to just cancelling my sub due to abysmal customer support who can't support paying customers in any way.


Let's see if you can help me with this one.


Here is the image of it:


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