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Companion Commands


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Currently, we can command a companion to "Sell All Gray Items". If we can do that, we should theoretically be able to do more.


Sell Junk

This would replace the "Sell All Gray Items". By default, it would perform the same function but allow you to sell more than just the gray items. An option in preferences would cause non-consumable white items to be included as "junk". This command would open your inventory window and highlight the "junk" items automatically. You would be able to click additional items to highlight them as well and when you confirm the operation the companion would depart with all of those highlighted items and sell them to a vendor.


Visit Cargo Hold

This would immediately display the ship's cargo hold and your inventory. You could mark items in your inventory to be transferred to the cargo hold and mark items in the hold for retrieval. When you finish and send the companion on his/her errand, the items you're storing would disappear from your inventory. When the companion returns, the items you marked for retrieval would be presented in a Mission Rewards style window.

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