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oh boy beyond july


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I'm guessing only those who pre-ordered the first day or two got in yesterday. Tens of thousands of players ordered in the first couple of days. Pre-orders slowed down a lot after that.


August 30 isn't out of the question.

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I saw this chart ... trying to more or less remake it from memory ... just below 1 million pre orders divided up like this :


- 200.000 on day 1

- 200.000 on day 2

- 100.000 on the rest of july

- 100.000 on the month of august

- 100.000 on the month of september

- 100.000 on the month of oktober

- the rest on november/december


It may seem going slowly right now ( a la "OH NO ONLY 5 DAYS WORTH OF PEOPLE GOT IN ON DAY MINUS 7" ) however yesterday they did a LOT of preorders. In numbers that means maybe half the players are already in right now. On top of that, we are still 6 days before launch and they only promised up to 5 days. I genuinely think most if not all people will be in before the 5 day mark is upon us.


So all people worrying, maybe you are right, maybe you are not, but at least give Bioware a few more days. We owe them the benefit of the doubt, they did awesome work so far, including but not limited to this game. Not to mention they don't OWE us even 5 days.



kind regards, Melf

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