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  1. i am betting you were from a server that had a stable population since launch werent you??? becuase if you werent, then you really do not understand the point of an mmo is to play with people.. even the kill stealing jerks, mmos always deal with kill stealing and what not.. if you cant deal with it find a new genere of game
  2. have you tried to turn shadows off.. i find they really lag down my computer when there are alot of graphics to render..and I am more than happy to play without them
  3. giving away free 50 characters to me is a sign that the game is dying.. didnt WOW do this in order to get players to return to their game? give them a free level 50?? seems like a stupid idea in a game where story is supposed to be very important. Sure i get bored playing the same side quests over and over, but there are pleanty of ways to level that i can ignore some of the worst quests (voss side quests are a prime example) i just dont see the need for free 50s
  4. not all micro transactions would be a bad thing..however i disagree that this is a staging point for that.
  5. ibarely do more than ilums a day and im not hurting for cash at all
  6. yes minigames would help the game and could be fun..however.. you honestly being upset over an april fools joke is completely foolish.. it just shows that you can not take a joke.. though i personally would love to see some minigames, i would and did not get offended when they set forth with their april fools joke
  7. its not harsh..it was a joke.. would it have been cool.. ya.. i doubt if anyone left solely because of an april fools joke.. and if they did..they need to grow up.. every game i have played has had some sort of april fools joke atleast once or twice in their time.. seriously it was aj oke.. and not harsh in the slightest.
  8. its a credit sink.. people have lots of credits, credits are easy to get... so they need a way to lower the number of credits in the game.. this is a way to do that.
  9. I guess you do not understand the nature of april fools day???
  10. easier in the just simple fact that its instant.. banning takesk time.. regardless of situation..they have to investigate every complaint and that takes time... ignore is instant and you are right does not promote their need for negative attentions.
  11. banning people for a week does not work.. why.. i know from first hand. i used to moderate a mudd a long long time ago.. and if we baned a person for a week. at the end of the week rarely ( maybe 5%) would the player come back humbled and feel actually bad for what they did..normally they return and are far worse. complete jerks and require me to perma ban them.. people take bans seriously and they get hurt... and then they decide they will troll the game constantly until they get perma banned.. its just easier to ignore them
  12. the report function handles all of that.. you report them they investigate and then they deal with it. you do realize that using the ignore and report isnt policing anyone.. sigh.. nm you are from the new generation of gamers who really feels no need to take any responsibility for actions and feel that even a simple ignore funtion is to much for you to need to do. a global ignore would be great however.. ignore based on legacy i suppose would be ideal.. however if expect this game to be heavily moderated..t hen return to eve becuase this game wont be like that.. bioware is to lazy to communicate with players who arent breaking tos.. you think they have time or the will to log into the game to enforce rules?
  13. no..its nothing like that... it is merely people not taking responsibility and doing what we CAN in order to limit the exposure to the bad language.. frankly every mmo has these issues, and i have never ever seen a single GM log in and yell at someone in game to stop swearing or what not.. they always act based on someones reports.. if you have played on others where it was different then maybe on hello kitty island adventure they are a bit more moderator heavy.. frankly they gave you the ignore command as well as the swear filter command...and the report command.. what more do you need?
  14. didnt war fail.. .why would they want to use anything from that system if all i have ever heard about it was how much suck it was?
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