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Day2 Wave 1 Good Luck!


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I was thinking about this last night. Surely they are use to it and it doesn't make them as sick as it does me to read some of this stuff. At least I sure hope it doesn't.


At least hopefuly they are paid to do it so that also must be some sorta' motivation. :)

And let's state it... The realy deserve it.

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Don't care what anyone says. There is no better BBQ than what can be found in TX. Memphis and KC come close but not close enough.


So I figure we could go to the Austin offices and bribe them with BBQ, and beers.


Lol, Austin FTW !!


Im over in Europe, and even I've been to 6th Street, and "The Oasis" up on the side of Lake Travis .. TX BBQ .. "Hell yeah...!" :)



oh..yeah... 7/31 , and still waiting patiently, hoping for today


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