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Love, The Force and Everything


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((Since all of my work got wiped, I will be re-posting it all. It will take a great deal of time however and I will not be posting new material until I finish getting it all back up. Final exams are this week, and I will be out of town and away from my computer from Dec. 17 until Dec. 24. After that, we shall see how quickly I can get my story back up. Until then, here we go...))


((This is because several people have asked for my stories in order... Enjoy :) ))


Discussion thread here


1 Shades of Grey

2 And you think YOUR family is strange…

3 Stormhawk

4 Quest

5 Confrontation

6 Know the past…

7 …To face the future

8 Temporary Closure

9 Learning is a pain sometimes


Code 3


10 The other side of the grey coin

11 Soldier hunting

12 Knight Justice

13 Hunters

14 Questions

15 The Battle of Kuat (Open RP)

16 Family Questions

17 Aliit ori'shya tal'din (Family is more than blood)

18 Allegiances

19 Consequences

20 To trap a trapper

21 Consultations

22 Healing


22a Escape from Coruscant (open RP, now closed)


23 Big guns

24 A hutt by any other name (Open RP)

25 Bigger guns (With NitWhit)


Fall From Grace (with Zelkin)


26 Revelations of Darkness



Infinium Conflict begins



27 A new Boss

28 Penance

29 Vengeance is not for Jedi

30 Family can be a Pain


31 Sharlina's Story

32 Children of the Stormhawk



Family Chaos (With Setie)


An Unexpected Reunion (With Setie)


Blade Hunting (With Setie and Trisskar)



Infinium conflict ends



Shattered(With Setie)


The Taming of the Shades (Co-authored with Setie)


Of Parents and Children (With Setie)


Bait and Switch (With NitWhit)



34 A Special Punishment

35 Family is not to be trifled with

36 A General Pain, A Royal Nuisance



Wild Things (With Trisskar and ArikVandar)



37 A VERY strange Hutt

38 Special Problems call for Special Solutions

39 A Memory Mystery

40 Strange tidings (Aftermaths)

41 A Dark past, An Uncertain Future

42 Trails

43 Of Hunters and Prey

44 Regression and Regret

45 Tribulations and Trials

46 Starlight, Starbright

47 First Star to the Right...

48 ...And straight on 'till Darkness

49 In two words... 'Oh <bleep>'

50 The Roads to Recovery

51 A Ghost of the Past?

52 Of Lives and Loves

53 Fate of the Stormhawk



(RP with some backstory on why Cranna sent such a gift to Magga the Hutt) The Man with no Flag



A Tale of two Snipers(With AlyxDinas)



54 Chasing a Dream

55 To Jedi or not to Jedi

56 Dancing on the Edge of a Blade

57 The Price of Flight

58 What do you do with a Lost Sith Seer?

59 Slavery Doesn't Pay

60 Choices and Consequences

61 Be careful what you look for, you might find it...

62 Silent Voices

63 Memories of Darkness

64 Instant Fire, Just Add Hate

65 Honor Among Friends



Special Delivery for a Sith(With Setie)





Progress through Pain


Hunting Illusions? (with Trisskar)


(Rp with some backstory)A foul-mouthed mechanic is trying to help a friend while enemies start closing in

Peractio Auctorita - Ain't no Rest...[/url]



Pandora's Box (Coauthored with Trisskar, Setie and Wazz)



66 Artificial Intelligence

67 Choice- A true Double Edged Sword

68 The measure of a bad guy


Pieces (With Setie)


69 Guests, Willing and Otherwise

70 Judgments passed in Darkness

71 Darkened Relations

72 Spying Hard

73 Dark Paths, Dark Choices

74 Issues of Family

75 Justice or Vengeance

76 Perchance to Fall

77 Points of View

78 Chasing Amie

79 Dark Medicine

80 To Teach a Terror

81 A Night at the Holo-vids

82 When an Idjit starts Investigating



To Sojourn in Dark Places (With Setie)



83 Can you Handle the Truth?

84 Sometimes it's Good to be Bad



The Un-Chosen Family (By Raven_Tyler, with a few guest stars)

The Rise of Pandora (By Trisskar with added characters from this arc and others)



85 Changes

86 Traps set on traps

87 Friends and Foes

88 To snatch a healer

89 Who says the bad guys never win?

90 Swirling Force? Or Destiny?

91 Correllian EMS

92 There are some people you just do NOT tick off...

93 Unplanned Parenthood

94 Mind Games

95 Suspension

96 Nia's Recovery

97 Grief is Pain Leaving the Mind

98 Knight Fork-ed

99 Denied Checkmate

100 Endgame




((Addition) Tides

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I don't usually self bump, but some people have asked for my stories in order and I wasn't going to just be rude and say 'Look at my signature'.


Some of the work I have not re-posted because I have not heard back from various authors I co-authored with and will not post THEIR work without permission. As for the rest...?


Almost done...




((Edit) I don't know whether to be pleased or scared that no one is commenting on my stuff...

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Thank you so much for bumping this, you're stories are a staple on these forums, but I was always intimidated to try and start mid way and try to figure it out as I went. (I'm also a little slow it would seem for not checking your siggy.) So thank you for this. I'm finally starting from the beginning!
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Reading a lot of my older stuff makes me wince. Some of it is good, some of it...is not. I know a LOT more about writing now than I did 4 years ago.


4 years... Wow... I have been writing this for 4 YEARS...


And it is almost done. The updates will slow for a bit, back to one a day now that I have caught up with myself.


But one thing remains: In a word that is all world where people talk of light and dark but live in shades of gray, NOTHING is EVER as it seems.

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I had hoped to hear back from Zelkin and a few others that I had co-authored stuff with. Since I have not, I cannot repost things that they created.


I HOPE my stories make sense without those co-authored works. If not, I can add some. Let me know. I am NOT a good judge of this. Everything makes perfect sense to ME.

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