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whats with all the rage?


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seriously, i dont get it. when we bought the game, preordered with early access. it stated we get to play it -upto- -5days- earlier.


and bioware kindly started to let people in 7 days earlier than supposed to originally, meaning 13th.


on 13th i allready saw people raging how "bioware scammed them" or similar *****, even when it wasnt 15th yet,wich i found rather hilarious to read :p


and now i see whole forum full of similar, rage filled posts by people who cant get in, blaming bioware of "doing it all wrong" when they infact does, exactly what the prerelease ordering did state, excluding the part where they were kind, and allowed the earliest orderers to play it bit earlier :)


so please people, stop being so ragefull over no reason at all, we all are spamming f5 who havent gotten the invite yet, so dont pretend your only 1, or that you got screwed over, when you didnt :p

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