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This is a launch


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I keep reading these posts by people whose main argument seems to be that this was not a launch.. I'll walk you through this one: Open your launcher. Sign in. Click the system messages. Read the VERY FIRST sentence of the "Welcome Message." Come up with new ways to tell me this wasn't at least a mild failure of a launch when 10% of the paying customers are playing, and getting ahead of the rest of us, and probably exploiting warzones because there aren't even enough people playing to put together a match. I would much rather have a few hour que today(or the 20th for all I care, I waited YEARS for this), rather than waiting till whenever I'm deemed worthy to play this magnificent beast, and then most likely waiting through the same que to play.


I love bioware and have played most of their games, but this was a poorly implemented launch scheme. In all honesty I'm guessing its somehow EA's fault. Mostly because they ruin everything. They screwed up Call of Duty, completely horrified me with the "new" WoW, and now I'm guessing will be screwing with TOR. And they won't let me order through Steam, who they completely ripped off by making "Origin." Which is an ironic name for a complete knock-off, don't ya think?

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