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Bioware will be JUST...FINE...


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This is not going to scar BW's image forever. WoW's massive server failures at launch are still being felt by Blizzard to this day, right?


This is a forum. The preorder people are the hardcore whiners, little more than babies who are waiting for the bottle.


You're going to cancel your preorder? Yeah, that's rich: you've tossed all your dignity on the ground over this game and now you claim that IF YOU DON'T GET IT NOW, you're not buying it at all. Uh huh, sure.


In a month, every single one of these crying babies will have the bottle of SWTOR in their mouthes and not a single one will be saying ANYTHING upon this subject. Really, people, you're not even fooling YOURSELVES


So why not salvage just a SCRAP of your dignity and act like adults instead of fat, bearded manchildren?

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