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  1. So you got busted hacking, couldn't lie your way out of it to keep the account, and then made a new account. See, that wasn't so hard.
  2. I think Tait and Musco carry more burdens than just this community. Woods I have no idea, but perhaps she'd already decided she was leaving long before she actually did and just decided to "phone it in". Pokket, well, sorry to say Pokket was just a waste of space. If BW had actually looked at her past projects ( her youtube channel and short stint at mmorpg.com ) instead of which BW team member she was dating, they'd have seen she has absolutely no ability to organize or structure anything, neither for herself or a third party community. She couldn't even decide on one hair color from one day to the next.
  3. Everything in this game can be abused regardless of what it is. The social system is not one of the things I'd really give a flip about someone "abusing" with all things considered.
  4. Look back upon the last couple producers, then ask yourself that question again.
  5. Can we please have social points build simply from being grouped ( or maybe even from talking in chat ), you know being "social" instead of having to farm FP's?
  6. I can't imagine setting up all the servers in a cluster to make a "megaserver" woud be too difficult. Sure, it's a dreaded "merge", but would never need to be repeated in the future as hardware can be added/taken away as needed and everyone plays together. Like ESO and EVE.
  7. Unfortunately, I'm too old. When I was 12, I would have. But now that I know the value of a dollar, nope.
  8. Putting this stuff on a regular rotation would help kill some of the inflation ingame. Hard to sell crap for tens of millions when everyone knows they just have to wait a bit for it to come up again. Every week, put up 20-30 outfits and weapons.
  9. More cartel shop crap is reading your mind?
  10. At least in Legends, Ben Skywalker and Jacen Solo were two different people, not one emo mashup.
  11. Because obviously adding one or two patches for things currently affecting players since you're taking the server down for 4 hours anyway would be too much to expect, right?
  12. I honestly doubt BW employees even care about the person in the next cubicle, much less the players. Long as the checks keep cashing.
  13. Yet you'll notice they didn't return the unlock prices back to match. Probably shouldn't expect to see them do it in the future, either. They know everyone will pay 200-300 cc each to unlock low level crap now, and EAware don't give up free money.
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