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  1. I just created a new Jedi Knight tonight, just arrived at the fleet, chose Guardian as my specialization, and purchased all my knight and guardian skills up to level 12. Now on my abilities window, under guardian I see Riposte Passive [Rank 2] See Trainer. However when I speak to the trainer he does not have any additional guardian or knight skills to train me. When I select show all skills (rather than just trainable) I don't see Riposte Passive in the list at all. Bug?
  2. The only Crew Skill I don't have maxed out on any of my toons is biochem, so I cannot verify that one. Armormech uses armor assembly components for all defiant schems Armstech uses arms assembly components for all defiant schems Cybertech uses cyber assembly components for all defiant schems Synthweaver uses synth bonded attachments for all defiant schems Artificer uses ARMS assembly components for all defiant schems (should use artifice bonded attachments in my opinion). I'm referring specifically to the defiant schematics that are 208 rating blue and 216 rating on proc. (not modable).
  3. So the new defiant sabers and wieldables. require bonded attachments that aren't craftable by Artificer's Is this intentional? I don't think the other crew skills work like this, my synthweaver can craft his new defiant armor schematics with the bonded attachments that he can make himself.
  4. Couldn't agree more, this is a slap to the face. over a million creds into updating crafting schematics across just 4 toons...lesson learned, screw crafting in swtor!
  5. A group of my guildies and I ran into issues with the final boss, so in trying to determine a solution to the problem we sent one person in to battle him solo. Of course that person died to the rocket flames on about the 3rd or 4th "Keep firing, Keep firing", but much to our surprise the boss passed right through the door and attacked the rest of the party members who were standing right against the door on the other side, they were then able to down him without being hit by the bugged fire. It's not an ideal solution but is a possible work around until it's fixed. We did not try to duplicate this so your mileage may vary.
  6. Priam

    Is RE broke?

    I have to agree with some of the sentiment here that if it is going to take 30-40 or more green items re'd to get a blue schematic, then this type of crafting really is useless, at least from my perspective as an artificer. While I burn through resources, credits, and time to struggle to get the blue schematic for a level 49 bastion enhancement, or a level 49 guardian hilt, I can instead go and earn credits, legacy xp, and get loot drops doing daily Ilum and Belsavis quests to get daily comms, and buy the purple level 50 bastion enhancements and guardian hilts. I guess I'll leave the RE'ing to those that enjoy the frustration.
  7. Priam

    Is RE broke?

    I've reverse engineered about 40 green bastion enhancement 22's today and still have not gained the blue schematic version. Normally takes less than 10 to get the blue. If this was an intended change, you'd think it would have made it into the patch notes. Perhaps I just missed it.
  8. Well I'm sure with the max post count being reached at least once, that BW is getting the message here. But in hopes of making myself feel better about the money I spent on this title to watch a queue slider, I shall add my 2 cents. Disappointing! Unacceptable! Shame on you BW, launch hasn't even happened yet! Time to make it right before it gets worse!
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