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  1. My Sentinel's PVE Gear. It's a mix of Black Hole/War Hero [Augmented] equipment. http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll94/Nyjin/Screenshot_2012-05-13_02_00_13_442078.jpg
  2. The phrase "Working As Intended," really irritates me when it applies to things that are clearly bugs/oversights. I understand that they use it justifiably in some cases, but some of the issues (like the ones the OP list) are bugs, or in the very least, not working as designed. Why can't they just be honest and say "This is a bug/oversight, and we are currently or in the future working on a fix." It feels like they're lying to us or making "us" seem ignorant by pretending these issues don't exist.
  3. Nyjin


    I hear people talk about Master Strike/Ravage like it's THE move that make Sents/Maras strong. We are one of the top 3 classes in the game at the moment, sure... But Master Strike/Ravage is NOT the reason why. When somebody claims we're OP because of MS/Ravage, then I know they have no idea about the class or the game. NOTE: Also applies to Undying Rage/Guarded by the Force.
  4. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I agree Marauders/Sentinels are very strong (I'd stil put Sins above them and Ops/Powertechs on-par with them, though). But can you clarify what you mean by "high CC" and "unable to be interrupted." Is our "High CC" our channeled 3s stun and AOE Daze (That Juggs/Operatives also have)? And....I'm not even sure about the unable to be interrupted. We have one skill (Ravage/Master Strike) that can't be interrupted (though it can be LoS'd, avoided by range, stunned out of). Is that what you mean? We can do almost everything, right? So I can tank and heal, too? Also, people putting Maras/Sents in "OP" and "God Tiers" are hilarious. This just turned into another "OMGZ Maras/Sents are OP. Can't wait till they cry when they get the NERFZZZZ." (Which is funny since I rolled a Sentinel at launch, and have been doing great at PvP long before the outcries...)
  5. My guild's OPs run usually drop heavy Jedi Knight/Smuggler stuff... We usually run 3 Knight/3 Smug/5 Consular/5 Trooper. It's actually quite hilarious. Jedi Knight stuff for us will probably drop 50% of the time. ;D Know how many JK Mainhands we've gotten from HM KP? Alot. We probably have a pile of sabers somewhere...rotting away.
  6. This is not true. It is the closest proximity to the Droid, as others have stated. If you are standing directly under the droid (assuming others are further), you will get the toolkit and, if you then complete the boss fight, the title.
  7. Fix the sound, please. Everyone I know is experiencing it. Sound is fine for a bit, but then degrades and you have to restart the client to make it work again. Hop to it, Bioware. Sort of a huge issue here.
  8. Nyjin

    My MIstake

    Darth Vader, if forced (get it? no? okay) into a class would be a Vengeance-specced Sith Juggernaut. Anakin/Darth Vader uses Djem So/Shien as his Light-saber form, and Vengeance employs Shien. In reference to the supposed weakness of Sith Juggernaut DPS... It's fine. Oh, and this entire thread and it's responses are pretty lulz-worthy in general. Kudos, forums. Kudos.
  9. This thread is amazing. I'm not sure I personally would wear these armors... But men deserve equal rights to wear skimpy and revealing clothing! If someone wants to look like a Chip N' Dale dancer, then they should be able to!
  10. Here's a hidden nugget of knowledge you may not know about... But, seriously, I'm pretty sure Imperials have had numerous advantages over Republics up to this point. This hardly seems like a legitimate "unfair" gear advantage. As you even said, OP, the Imperials can gain the same exact enhancement as the Republic, just in a different fashion. Do you think it's also unfair that Republics don't gain the Imperial enhancement rather than the one you think is better? Just because you like certain stats doesn't make it necessarily better or advantageous. They're both level 25 Enhancements. Deal with it. Oh, and just to join my fellow Republics: "LOLOLOLOLOLOL."
  11. I'm pretty sure this was a joke thread, for those people replying seriously to it. On the other hand, I'm SO up for this idea! Beware of my Lord Scourge in full Battlemaster/Rakata!
  12. Just because you do it over time, doesn't change the actual, fixed cost. As I said, I'm not going broke over this, but it's a credit-sink and inconvenience that's unnecessary. What positive addition does it add? Helping the economy by forcing people to spend credits? That explains the legacy perks, at least. High-costs on mod-removal shouldn't be BW's answer to "helping" their economy.
  13. GW2 has crappy voice-acting? Sure, some of it sounds a bit contrived/over-dramatic... But I can tell you of a fair amount of instances where SWTOR voice-acting has been pretty poor, as well. And some of the script-writing, for all that it's hyped up to be, isn't exactly amazing. (Refer to Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular storylines). GW2 also has some stars in it's VO crew as well, you know? Steven Blum (Who did voice acting in this game, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop), Felicia Day (of Buffy and The Guild fame, and others have contributed to GW2's voice overs. Sure, all in all, I'd say SWTOR beats GW2 in voice-acting/writing. But that is the ONLY thing that SWTOR really has going for it. Gameplay-wise, GW2 is way beyond SWTOR. (Open World, Skill-based PVP, WvWvW Combat, Dynamic Events). And, as for the OP, I don't think I expected too much at all. With all the development time and budget that BW had with this game, I would expect something better than limited, copy-pasted art design in the game-world and a huge lack of end-game content. I didn't think I was paying solely for a couple of stories and voice actors.
  14. I want a Sandbox game. SWTOR is not it. SWG was. I knew going into this wasn't going to be SWG2, as the Devs made that perfectly clear. I cancelled my subscription here, but still have about two months left. (This is to counter all those who say "If you don't like it, just leave!) The OP makes a good point in that SWTOR could use a DASH (Key word, here, folks) of what SWG had. SWTOR will always be a theme-park MMO, but some elements of an open-world and other SWG aspects could greatly improve it. I'm not asking for a SWG2 or SWG-clone, just something to break the monotony. I want to improve this game and make it better, and using some SWG aspects could, in my opinion, help in that regard.
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