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  1. I heard that Accuracy past 100% allows armor penetration, is that true?
  2. Bump, keep signing, this must be ongoing until they change this...unspeakable skin.
  3. Yeah, I played on Defias. Who were you there? Anyway, Jedis do combat in robes (like Sith) if you haven't noticed in the movies. They certainly don't wear soldier armors; even then, that set would suck majorly as a soldier armor too.
  4. http://imgur.com/yzVbx I think we can easily ALL agree on this. Not only Sentinel and Guardian seem to have the same armor (which makes no sense at all), but it's also outrageously horrific. THAT is supposed to be a Jedi? Really? There are some awesome armors in this game, including PvE ones which I dig a lot. But this is unacceptable. It's not even the Samurai look, which could be passed as different. The helmet is the least worrysome part of the set. But the chest, the boots, the leggings, and come on, that thing on the back? We ain't Troopers! Sign this for developer attention. I personally won't be using this armor set even if it means losing the Expertise.
  5. Releasing one ENG RP-PvP and one French/one German is honestly beyond my comprehension.
  6. Heya! I saw you around in Coruscant. Anyway, I don't think they will be offering server migrations.
  7. Everyone, let's complain at Stephen Reid's twitter, probably the best chance we have to be heard.
  8. I fail to understand how they couldn't see this coming, really.
  9. Yes, this is really insane. Bioware, what are you doing?....
  10. I just wish they would tell us if they are upping them or not.
  11. There were new servers of all types, including one ENG RP-PVP (which is my target). Come on Bioware, it's 6PM CET and most servers on Europe are heavy/full, release the servers !
  12. Damn....Some servers in EU are starting to be heavy or full. I hope they do release more servers.
  13. That still doesn't answer the when question.
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