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  1. Lol mods removed my post. But this post was VERY unwarranted.
  2. For someone who doesn't PvP in MMOs (I'm assuming that) and for someone who doesn't hold MMO PvP in high regard, what you just said is PURE conjecture. That is a completely **** reason for PvP'ers to hate something that's different than the current system we have now.
  3. *DING, DING, DING* Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!
  4. It's been like that since F2P was announced last summer.
  5. Depends if that forum maintenance shuts down the forums. I'll be surprised if it doesn't. Lmfao
  6. Oh, Artemis! If this player used the ~$900 on buying credits instead of buying CPs, he/she would have probably been a multimillionaire. Plus, you could possibly put that you bought credits from Chinese farmers on your tax returns. Better to help feed the mouths of low-income Chinese families than execs who earn six-figure salaries.
  7. Nagus, I'm blushing due to the fact of you wanting to know. It's usually several hours. I multitask. What can I say? I enjoy my time being known as a "hater" here, and debating with apologists.
  8. Been zero on this game since I quit, except for the forums. I've been on these forums since 2009. They're a lot of fun.
  9. Someone deserves their own official fan club. You are on a roll, madam (assuming you're a girl based on your avatar and name).
  10. You should know that Artemis and I are on very, very good terms. What I like and respect about you is that you're critical about things (barely anything now, but still ), but you don't sugarcoat any obvious faults of this game. You don't hop on the apologist plane like others here are prone to and use the entitlement card, the run of the mill QQ card, the hater/troll card, etc. I know we don't agree on EVERYTHING, but I find myself to be able to agree with you a lot more than the apologists here. I find your arguments much better to try and debate on (for good reasons of course). Bleh, you know what I mean.
  11. Fair enough. I'll keep my stance of the game failing because the 75%+ that unsubscribed will most likely agree with me. That isn't meant for you, Artemis. Meant more for the apologists. I respect your criticisms and reviews and posts, etc. If anyone calls you a carebear, fanboy or hater, I'll be there for you... unless I can't post anymore.
  12. I was still quite critical of this game pre-F2P, but I enjoyed SWTOR a lot more than I did when I quit.
  13. It did, but it didn't make SWTOR any better. In fact I believe it made it worse. All I see BW doing is pushing focus on Cartel Coins and to pressure their customers into buying just that just to keep this game afloat. One of the reasons I'm being very critical is because EAware is just a very shady company at this point looking for a quick buck. In between CM updates they'll throw content our way that won't last us too long, unless you're a casual gamer. I liked some stuff the CM released (Varactyls, Revan gear, etc.), but it's just too much and EAware has gone too far. I've been highly critical of this game for a long time now, and I'll continue to be until I see some major changes (and I doubt they'll happen).
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