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  1. He's probably talking about when he has a skill advantage vs the players, on a map with tons of pillars. It's quite tricky fighting good ranged 1v1 in the open. In fact, I think the best ranged class to kill jugg may be a truly good merc.
  2. Swtor needs to track damage, healing, protection and kills percentiles of players. That's the most likely predictor of whether the match will be balanced or unbalanced. Plus you should be restricted from stacking people in the 90%+ percentile within the same group. For swtor devs: Imagine two PvE groups are doing timed runs. One group has a bunch of nooby pug randoms. The other group has NiM hardcore raiders who have done the operation thousands of times. Who's going to be faster at it? That's why elite players shouldn't be in groups bigger than 4. Even 4 players of the best in the game kind of breaks things. Why not balance it more? Two tanks are already prevented from queueing together in arena. Those same two tanks could be complete noob players who are trash at PvP. If they got matched vs a veteran 4 man group, I guarentee those veterans would crush them completely. So why aren't the best players in the game prevented from stacking their team? You already know they're the best if you track their playstats in their accounts and look for anomalies. I see swtor willfully allowing veteran players to ruin PvP midbies by stacking perma 75s in a group and stack meta comps with the best players in the game while not allowing two noob tanks to queue together and limiting the number of healers. Why wouldn't you build on the restrictions to account for something far more unbalanced? Matchmaking certainly fails in accounting for this imbalance already, so you may as well just add those new restrictions.
  3. In a wz? Who is going to wait 3 minutes for you to heal up after you camo out? Also camo does nothing to truly help you win vs a good player. I fought a duel with the supposed best 1v1 Mara on my server in 6.0 and he couldn't kill me. I didn't feel like hunting him down in his tatooine stronghold though. So it just ended in a stalemate.
  4. If this is as cringe a comment as I think it is, I play Mara maybe once every 3 months now. There's other classes that are a legitimate threat when not playing in a premade. A solo Mara is pretty weak.
  5. Generally I think it's perfectly possible for matchmaker to place truly skilled players against each other (solo or not), it just refuses to do so. Sometimes I *know* there's another premade in q if I make a counter premade. And yet we never get matched vs them. So why is that? Matchmaker being incompetent? The people who get matched onto the team are usually complete randoms who add no value to the match against a premade. In fact, I have no firm idea why the matchmaker even takes the amount of time it does to matchmake. I do notice lately if I play tank, sometimes it will insta pop for me spawning a new match against another decent tank. (But the other tank is queueing with a healer + premade while I'm solo). So it does attempt some role based Matchmaking still. Just seems like it's so mediocre of an attempt to matchmake compared to what used to happen once in a while years ago. Maybe we can write it off as solo players being less skilled but I feel like it's a catch 22. The real problem is that matchmaker might be attempting to place the highest rated ELO in a premade group against the highest rated ELO of a solo player (this happened even back in 2018 according to patch notes back then iirc). That would be very dumb, because you need the ELO's on each team to all be roughly equal. Not just in median skill, but within a bracket for each player. You can notice if a premade group faces off against another one (7vs7), then you queue solo and one noob queues solo, your team will win because you were the massively differentiating factor.
  6. It's funny you mention this. Just last night I was innocently playing, then my team gets the top 7 players in queue (in fact all of us could have gotten gold or top 3 during a competitive ranked season back in the day, in fact some did) vs absolute noobs on the other team. We only had one new player on our team. So we crushed the opposition completely. I really dont know what's going on with it.
  7. There was also a skill that reduced damage by 99% which Marauder had. Did any of that make Mara op? Nah. I never felt op while playing it, in fact, it was always difficult to 1v1 anybody on it even with the camo.
  8. Tbf, the counterplay was pretty straight forward. You simply hit them with yellow damage, dot them up, or let other people hit them with white damage instead of you.
  9. When I tell them that, they yell at me saying they're playing objectives. So they think (unfortunately) that they know how to play.
  10. IMO obfuscate was ironically one of the higher skill ceiling abilities in the game, since it was a 90% single target white damage accuracy debuff. You could augment it for some extra burst from a vicious throw + yellow damage defensive utility, but knowing when to use it added a lot of fun "flow" to mara. Taking that away makes it into a bot-like clown fiesta that bores me with its 3-4 damage abilities and lack of thought. Plus you gotta remember, for lore reasons marauder should have some force abilities -- obfuscate was one of its only ones (it has maybe 2 at most on each spec now that obfuscate is gone).
  11. I was playing with some of the weirdest "objective" players the other day. To start 4 went our side node (who knows why, because none of the enemy players went there), and 2 went to the enemy side node (???). So I went mid with one other guy and fought all 8 of the opposing players at mid. Ok great. Then we lost the game. (because our team had "objective" players) We only had 2 pvp players.
  12. There's not enough pop to split the q. It's better to limit groups to 2-4.
  13. Mara can do adequetely meh / ok-ish damage when not focused. Nothing special or super consistent though. The biggest and most massive nerf that occurred in 7.0 was the mara obfuscate removal. It'd be like removing snipers stun and leap immunities by removing cover.
  14. I disagree. I myself have purposely started to lose on some of my characters since coming back, to lessen the times I'm put solo against a full ops group.
  15. Yes there's an elo system. Years ago 8v8 unranked and ranked was entertaining but dps monkeys from solo ranked who get angst over a tank being able to guard swap are all you see now days. "Nerf healers they too stronk", "nerf tanks I'm bad, I can't manage to dps". Why? Because player skill in general is that much worse. Objectives can be fun to base the pvp around, but conversely if someone's so bad at playing the game the only thing they can do is objectives it is not fun. But it's also not fun to kill someone who thinks they're good because they play in a carebear ops group or full premade huddling together with other people in fear of being exposed. I already know they're a bad player. Playing objectives as you said spreads people out in a marathon. It makes them vulnerable, you can kill your prey more easily when they're caught out away from the herd. Although ops groups these days are extra careful to protect their stragglers unfortunately since 8v8 is unranked and they don't care about the objective. I understand people like to huddle together for protection, but I genuinely want to see more 1v1 or 1v2 action again. Those situations can be really entertaining, plus the group fights at mid. When people genuinely are encouraged to play objectives you see much more of that, plus real fights at mid. Some form of ranked would be nice in 8v8, since it'd force people to play better and create stragglers.
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