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  1. That post was also prior to the range nerfs to Hatred (I think). Makes a massive difference when melee can spread DoTs at 30m.
  2. Harbinger is perfect for me. I live in NYC (for reference, Shadowlands is in Castle Hill, Bronx NY) and although my ping to harb hovers at 80, it's irrelevant in this game and especially on that server where Aussies and Koreans are playing with 120+ ping. It's active when I play (it ranges from maybe 8pm - maybe 5am EST) and the quality is at the same level or higher than any other server and until recently (~3 months ago) the attitude was far more tolerable than pot5 or Bastion ever were. Shadowlands is fine, but proclaiming it king simply because group ranked happens to pop there FOR NOW is silly. We all know, and I have stated before, that once the pecking order has been established, people will transfer off that server the same way they left every other server. They'll move hoping to find an easier path to ZOMGSUPERRATING, and Shadowlands will go back to being a stop along the way. TLDR: Harb is where it is NA. If you're playing on Shadowlands you should probably go ahead and reroll on TOFN or TRE ahead of the incoming exodus.
  3. I couldn't buy a pop in ranked (group or solo) during the day on Shadowlands, and the past two nights it's been terrible. So terrible that I... ran a flashpoint. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Solo queue is faster and more consistent on harb, and it has been so for nearly a year. Group varies and has wildly shifted. From Pot5 and Bastion to Harbinger, now to Shadowlands. Where will it go next when all the kiddies realize they are just getting rolled over and over? Your guess is as good as mine, but Group ranked has always been like that. Get beat too much in group? Transfer Servers ????? Profit Yes, at the time you posted this, Shadowlands has group ranked. That is all they have and it will soon go away, just like every other server.
  4. You're insane if you think Harbinger only has a 4 hour prime window.
  5. Harbinger still #1 for pops and balance. Harbinger # (whatever last place is) for stability. It's a give and take. Get your trickery out of here. Shadowlands is a generic Harbinger, complete with a much smaller "primetime" window and worse balance.
  6. I don't give a **** about rating on any character, but when I queue (because that's where the people are playing and the pops are faster at that time) I always try. It's no different than going into a reg warzone and not playing the map; It makes you a special kind of ******e.
  7. Pretty sure they nullified the effects of those in PvP... some time ago. I could be wrong. I frequently am, but I think if you search dev tracker you'll find it.
  8. maverickmatt

    JC vs SL

    Some of the best. Harbinger still has a good amount of them (though they could be Korean for all I know).
  9. That's Obiray. He did not like his place in life, so he moved himself. He spins in circles alot.
  10. It's no longer Season 4, bro. I kid. I kid. Also, the guides are useful but like every other guide it tends to imply that it's one way and one way only (which just isn't accurate). I refer people to them, but only as a starting point. Thank you for taking the time to write the guides. Without Evolixe and Xinika there has been zero direction for all the FOTM shadows.
  11. I thought it was POWERTECH #1 that could stunlock your keyboard..
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