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  1. Hopefully of some value to the Devs. First of all, I really liked the Onslaught expansion. I admit I wasn't thrilled with rep Onderon, and it made me unsub, and while enjoying the rest of the story, I haven't changed my mind about staying subbed. What I want here is to state my perspective on things in game and in the expansion and my preference of being a sub vs preferred. 1. The story is good. With rep Onderon being its weakest point, the rest is good and engaging. I did it with Ossus and it all was really fitting. The size of the story is very much ok , I understand the resources aren't unlimited and I think you guys did a good job with the resources I suspect you've been given. 2. The gameplay and story execution was very much ok. The fights are slightly harder, the pace is ok, the quests and even the final Flashpoint are well executed and thevserve story well. The choices we have are cool, there is plenty of reason to go through the Onslaught on different characters to try out new outcomes. 3. Being an rpg player, all I want is new adventures, and I feel we have a lot of them. From creating a new character and going through class stories up to Corellia FP or just continuing the story of our existing characters -there are many options. Also kudos for option to skip KOTFEET. 4. I don't play repeatable content, so all the gear revolution with those amplifiers and bonuses is not for me. I didn't even try to learn about new gearing, as I do not need the gear for my gameplay. I know there are many players who dig this progression, I'm just not one of them. Therefore I do not need a subscription This game is one of my favorite RPGs and I really do not need to stay subbed to enjoy the rpg aspects of the game. Staying subbed only affects my ability to gear up and that is only needed for endgame ops and ranked pvp if I understand it correctly. If you'd ask me why I unsubbed, the answer is: I feel like subscription is for people participating in endgame. Not for me. I really like this game, and would like to support it for as long as I can, and I feel I have (being a sub from 2012 to 2016). I'm not trying to convince you to gate the rpg content behind the subscription, all I want is for you to understand that if there indeed are two kind of players in this game: the ones that do endgame and the ones that don't, then those who don't have very few reasons to stay subbed. Just wanted it to reach you, before my forum access runs out. And I saw no such query in un-sub poll.
  2. Coming late to this discussion, sorry if that has already been covered, but: I understand both the OP and Trixxie arguments. While I admire the OP, I've often found myself on Trixxie's side of the argument -trying to max my earnings. However, I'd never mock the OP for trying to be an altruist. Just imagine the poor schmucks grinding Heroics they hate for hours just to be able to afford one of Trixxie's dyes they think they need, so that Trixxie can add more credits to her billions she stated herself she doesn't really need. This is kind of like Big Pharma vs Mother Theresa. Big Pharma is mad that someone gives away their medicine instead of selling it for good profit. Big Pharma states they need the money for research of new medicine, so they are the good guys. Mother Theresa states that she is the good guy, as she's giving the medicine to the poor. And not trying to be the judge here, I just wonder why do we have to recreate the ugliness of real world in this fantasy escape world which is our game?
  3. We are on the same page here and I agree with what you wrote. What it means is BW should check the mobs/bosses in those instances (including story main bosses like Baras) and manually adjust them. KOTET/KOTFE should be at roughly the same difficulty level as vanilla planets. Star Fortresses were at very cool difficulty level when first introduced and should be tuned to be like that now. Same for Eternal Championships. What would be really bad is if they just didn't bother with checking those few content areas and fixing them, but just buffed up companions for ALL of the game. This lazy approach is what destroyed SWTOR with 4.0 for me, and may very well destroy it now for some new player trying to do KOTFE and find it impossible (if true. I did KOTFE/KOTET enough times to know I don't want to do them again, so IDK about their difficulty)
  4. No, I'm saying different people want different things. And only BW might know what to do to cater to most player's wishes and keep the game healthy. I'm happy with companions in 6.0 (more then in 4.0 and 5.0 anyway), you are not. None of us knows if that makes most people happy or angry. You seem to have a problem with logic in your arguments, or perhaps you are answering to someone else and have the posts mixed? As to why people left the game long time ago (and I do not believe we were having this discussion on that topic?): I've read many theories why many people left the game after launch (it was pre 2.0 era) and the game difficulty was a really weak one. Basically what would answer your problems is: get rid of level sync and get the game back to 3.0 state. That way you could go back to vanilla planets at max level and face roll them. And people who want an engaging game at planet level would have it to.
  5. how do you know what MOST people do in this game? I do mostly vanilla planets. If the heroics are made faceroll again on those planets, I won't play anymore. Your problem is you assume YOU are an average casual player in this game, therefore you think the game should be made exactly as you like it. Well guess what, there are all kinds of casual players in this game, and only BW (hopefully) know what kind of players represent the majority and is their target audience to cater to.
  6. Heroics are for Heroes. Vet FPs are for Veterans none of these are meant to be easily done solo
  7. Thanks guys!!!! On a side note and without spoilers please: is it done good? I mean the saboteur arc. i'm thinking of making my LS Sith Warrior a saboteur, but if its done in a bad way, I'm afraid to ruin a great character. Any recommendations?
  8. There is a White Acute Module -the thing that slows down xp gain rate significantly. I have those in my inventory and generally play with WAM active, just sometimes, when I don't feel like doing side quests I turn it off. It is sold on fleet, but sadly only during double xp event. I recommend anyone to acquire WAM and be the master of their own experience
  9. I kinda get it. What I don't know is how to get to JUS (what is it anyway?) or the conversation when Lana asks us whom to join, without going through KOTET. As I understand it now, the 'skip KOTFEE' option forwards us to the point AFTER the decision to be Saboteur or not. Would check it out myself, but don't want to experiment on my cool characters. Maybe someone has done it before?
  10. I miss those times too This is like getting the rpg element out of vanilla SWTOR, as if: you gear doesn't matter anymore, you're wasting your effort if you try to craft or augment or anything
  11. Hi, does anyone know if there is an option to become a Saboteur (work for opposite faction) WITHOUT participating in KOTFEET? I know we choose sides on Iokath (or am I wrong, perhaps?), and as I understand if we 'skip' story, we get to the beginning of Ossus -so we're NOT Saboteur by default. The reason I ask is I can't stand to do KOTET again, but I'd like some of my characters to experience a Saboteur path. Is going through KOTFE, KOTET, Iokath and 3 Flashpoints necessary for this? Or is there a way around this?
  12. My impression from as far back as this guys post go (and I kinda remember him from the time he strongly advocated for more class stories) is that even if the title promises something interesting, the posts, and ramblings, the style, IDK, all this is BORING Seriously, I'd prefer people like Andryah, Infernix, or even Rhenotarsil (or what was their name) over this
  13. You're trying very hard to antagonize the forums on this issue (and I bet this is not the only issue you're doing this). Just stop. I'm a solo player, yes a solo player and I love the increased difficulty, this is the reason I re-subbed. So no, this isn't us vs them and trying to spin it that way serves no one.
  14. Nah, its more of a nail to the coffin really. I mean I could adjust my settings, probably, to run smoother on Onderon and Mek-Sha, but as I play also the class stories, that would mean adjusting the graphics again when visiting Alderaan or Voss which run smooth and fine on my present settings, and have been for years. I'd do that IF the game play and story was cool with Onslaught, but sadly it is not. Ok, maybe I'm not being fair just after Republic Onderon, but it was poor. I mean, this felt like another generic story, where I had to: 1. go to the tunnels to defeat saboteurs. It is something that good commando squad could easily do, no need to call the best of the best and their side kick to two-man kill a dozen of generic droids 2. sneak into a "hunting lodge" to kill some generic mobs and witness the repeat of Alderaan -stupid, weak minded King and a Sith manipulating him. 2a) have a convo with savages 3. Go into a mine, kill a dozen henchmen and duel with Big Bad Sith. The duel was fine, as I dismissed my companion to make it more epic, but all of this feels like: I did it before. On Alderaan, or wherever else before. I realized that all of this is a situation when I just make new character in Skyrim, rather then role play World Savior fetch a cup for random NPC. This just does not feel right, my characters would rather retire or run the alliance than resolve some petty conflicts on backwater planets. Not only we've become too powerful and important, but we did those things before when we were young and aspiring. This just don't feel like a "new cool job". And the game play: I do not understand my stats anymore, I'm scaled up or down to the point my stats don't matter? Got new gear with each story bit and it just doesn't seem like it make any difference. I remember when back in a day the gear made huge difference to the point of being able to progress the story. Now it seems irrelevant. If you add to it bad rig performance, its just a game I do not want to play anymore. 1. Meh story 2. Meh game play 3. No rpg level up/upgrade your gear element 4. too hardware demanding/bad performance It is sad that all the work put into the new stuff in game is so unsatisfactory. I still love the vanilla SWTOR. The new one? No, its just meh.
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