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  1. Get through KOTET on my new main. I'm a returning player, so I want to catch up on all the new stories and get my new main up to speed. Beyond that raid and PvP, play some WOW as I'm starting a new character there. That's it for me
  2. I agree with Caelvin and I'm bumping this topic again. Hopefully the devs will have a look at it soon
  3. I'll try the work around, as this has been happening on my game download too
  4. I've tried leaving the instance and resetting it. The bug came back everytime. Eventually I had to give up and try another day.
  5. I don't know if this is related to the cloud move, but it might because the mission was working on Monday. The mission Tower Core on Oricon is now bugged. I enter the story area, disable the three terminals, and the shield around the core doesn't drop, so the encounter with the tower commander can't be started.
  6. This just happened to be on Oricon in the The Tower's Core. The shield around the holocron didn't drop, which sucks because it's between me and finishing the oricon weeklies, which is part of Galactic Seasons 5.
  7. Hey all, Just coming back to the game after about a 1.5 years off. How we all doing? What's everyone up to? Anything new and good? I'm on StarForge
  8. Trying to make ranked harder- https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.enjin.com/wall_embed_images/pic_full/1536186071_swtor-2018-09-05-18-10-55-27.png
  9. /signed as well. I think this is awesome idea, and perhaps a similar reskin for Tython, as well? Perhaps make it a reskin of Ancient Hypergate?
  10. Spoils of War and March Them Down Dailies not counting the warzones right. I've done 3, won 1, and they still say 1/20 and 1/4
  11. Dear Bioware, It would be great if we all could trade in our leftover season 7-9 comms for the new ranked PVP comms, as the old comms are really just collecting dust.
  12. That was me! I could only logon to one character- http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=952216
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