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  1. http://www.swtor.com/community/forumdisplay.php?f=349
  2. Yes that's an elegant solution. Why isn't there an "official" 50 chat channel? Yeah, I know people can make custom channels, but a lot of players don't even know how to use them, lol...
  3. Hmm, since there's some speculation that "Ivory" was going to be a smuggler companion, I'm going to bend the rules and choose him for my male smuggler. It would work so well. They'd be stabbing each other in the back occasionally, but out of some twisted kind of love. (There may or may not be some fanfic about them... out there somewhere...)
  4. Simple... less load times and better performance. No fancy atmospheres or geometry heavy plants, or unnecessary space/geometry in general. I think we need to keep fleets so that every single time we exit a warzone, we don't have to wait forever and a day. I'd rather just see them redesign fleets to look better, than move us to capital worlds. Actually, the ultimate solution would be to add the same PVE/PVP gear vendors, as well as guild banks and all the other fleet stuff to capital worlds, so that people have a CHOICE. However, I can only see this happening with a global chat channel.
  5. While I think Runescape and SWTOR are in many ways apples-to-oranges in terms of development, I have a lot of respect for Runescape and how its devs do things. They are much more communicative with the players, and seem more in touch, engaging, and faster on the draw. There is more polling and forum interaction. To address your APAC thing-- the way Runescape is organized is makes it a little more "fluid" than SWTOR. Since players can choose any server they want, in any part of the world and "hop" to a different one at whim, the issue of server population problems disappears.
  6. Yeah I want more Huttball maps. They already developed the mechanics and UI... would obviously be easier than making a whole NEW play concept. Let's see it, guys!
  7. Between field respec and free respec, we already sort of have it... In fact I like the extra flexibility it brings to the table. Because really, it's multi-spec - better than dual could ever be. I'd sooner just ask for a gear swap feature within the UI.
  8. Yeah I'm holding off on a couple classes (sage and commando) for the sake of having something fresh to play Cathar through. And seriously - you really have no interest in smugglers? Even if you think it'll be your least-favorite class, its still a fresh new class story. Though I agree with the point of the thread - that we should be able to race change to a new one. For a fee of course.
  9. All of these have been suggested a lot already, except 4. I think more visible offhands is an interesting idea. I've generally seen people ask for the Scoundrel's shotgun to be seen, but I think there's some potential for shield/power generators. HOWEVER, wouldn't adding these make it seem more like WoW? I mean, holding a "shield device" is quite fantasy-ish, especially when coupled with melee weapons. I can see it being more original with ranged classes.
  10. You can even have multiple vehicles on your hotbar. Just go into the "abilities" pane, then "vehicles" and then you can drag them down to the bar.
  11. I personally haven't played the event all that much precisely BECAUSE it's going to repeat. When events come, my main objective is to get whatever I'll never be able to get again. (I guess it's the completionist in me.) The point is, I'm glad I have the option to take my time with it, not do it every day, and still get rep. Makes it feel a little less like a chore.
  12. I don't think being a Twi'Lek has anything to do with which role you choose. The race works well with both. Have fun with whatever you decide- you can always roll an inquisitor to try out the mirror whichever advanced class you don't pick now.
  13. Nope, working as intended, apparently. Yeah, it's dumb, I know. I kinda like moods, but not worth the trouble of constantly resetting.
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