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  1. lol for me it's not that big a deal, i just want them to inform the new ppl before they get all mad, put it in the login msg. with the changes they are making we gonna want them to wanna stay. It'd help if the devs did less things to annoy like giving them a maintenance timeline that's already passed making em hunt for info, just be upfront.
  2. Why is this not the message you see when you attempt a log in? Your new customers are not used to this treatment. might be a good idea to you know inform them... They still think you will be up any minute, because that's what it says when u try to log in.
  3. Nah, he's got a point man. Your favorite Sith is Darth Maul?!?! So your ideal villian is someone with no personality who hardly ever says anything, he's right, your in love with a movie face, just admit it man. Edit: and you forgot to capitilize the I in "I call"
  4. Not really man.Cathar are/were supposed to be the next species added, but aside from what many would consider a less than enthusiastic response from players, we havnt heard much on that.
  5. If you mean that Star wars wasnt the 1st to copy it your right. Still have yet to see something from pre 1997. Your link just contained 2 titles that were made after 2000. Am pretty sure Donovan was 1st to use it. Edit: and its not just meatbag either. Watch Lexx sometime, his attitude and smart ***** remarks, are very similar in general to HK (Bender too) and though he's a disembodied robot head and not an assassin droid, every time he has a body he tries to murder and or enslave people, and despite the fact he's kinda with the protagionists, lol great show n made in 1997 before all of those, I guess i dont really care he doesnt get credit, it just bugs me that i didnt know it until recently, Paul Donovan made the cool character first.
  6. Oh yeah. If there so well known n great how come they still havent been added yet?
  7. Watched some old episodes of season 2 last night. The severed robot head character 790 in the Canadian/German Sci-fi/comedy series Lexx uses very similar dialogue to HK, even calls a human a meatbag, looked it up, that season came 3 years before kotor did, but Kotor doesnt seem to give any credit at all to the show. Just thot that was strange.
  8. For every 1 cool person whose goin togrutin cuz of Shaak Ti there are 20 morons thinkin Asucka, not worth it in my opinion.
  9. No Togrutans. It disgusts me that ppl will say no to Wookiees but yes to a thousand morons pretending to b Asucka Tano.
  10. No Togrutans, last thing this game needs is a few thousand idiots making clones of Asucka, to go with all the lame brained Anakin knock-offs. I used to think Togrutans were awesome, but unfortunately the stupid cartoon lamed up the entire species.
  11. Won't happen, Lucas has no power, n it was his fault they made her stupid character in the first place n Asucka just isn't well liked enough, except by kids n teens, many of whom have never and will never watch the films, n will prolly lose intrest in star wars a few weeks after the stupid cartoon is finally cancelled. Thank god man now hopefully they'll never add Togrutans to this game. Cuz there are enuf old school fans pissed bout the dumb cartoon Anakin hair, how do you think they'll react to hundreds of stupid kids with Asucka doppleganger toons?
  12. Ya n that's why, best serious imitation iv ever seen, who else would play Solo exactly as good as Ford if Ford can't do it? N sorry bout spell in I got a crappy no name tablet, ud shorten it too man.
  13. U forgot to explain why you think Brolin is a bad actor, u also forgot to grow the balls to make a suggestion of your own. U also forgot to say why they would ignore Thrawn when the only decisive thing Lucas said about 7,8,9 is if they were made theyd be based off Zahns Thrawn trilogy n Disney said theyd use Lucas idea for it. Tho I agree about ur idea working with the old ppl, it's most likely nothing like the story they are doing so it won't work.
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