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  1. The thing is, I'm not saying I never liked the game at all for even a moment. I had a couple glowing recommendations from friends who, like yourself. Had only played a small portion of the game, and found it extremely fun! (they aren't playing anymore) I have a lvl 46 vanguard and 2 lvl 20 something toons. Obviously at certain points there was fun to be had. Warzones were fun for me, I love pvp.. That is what I do. Problem though... the game doesn't let you duel anywhere? Warzone lag was near unbearable at the beginning and has only become slightly better. Ability delay also cast a cloud over the PVP experience. The flashpoints were alright at first too, plenty of fun to be had (even though they are really NO DIFFERENT from a WoW instance). Until I encountered those line of site bugs, and eventually when my server population dwindled... no teams forming!... why no LFG tool? I really don't get that... It's on the way I know but... *** dude... You have a warzone queue for similar reasons... ??!?? Add in the high rez texture debacle and biowares disgusting denial of ability delay and performance issues... and you have one pissed off consumer. I really and truly cannot understand how anyone who has "taste" (of course taste is a subjective thing) can tolerate this game in the long term. Yes people will have their fun for a little while, but if you are hardcore. (yes 4 hours a day, say what you like but.. I have a full time job and a girlfriend) their is nothing to keep you playing this game. Not right now anyway... and I am totally unwilling to pay money to wait for something to be good. The little pictures that show your talent skills are recycled between the various classes... Do most people care about that? Probably not... But things like that add flavor to the different classes... Do most people who aren't gamers even know about the High Res texture debacle or even understand it at all? Apparently not... They called High Res textures a bug... I do not and WILL not tolerate these things... as a long time consumer of the industry... and knowing what else is out there, why would I?
  2. I have given many constructive criticisms on how to improve this game. LFG tool is on the way. Cross server WZ also on the way. Really though I shouldn't have to be a major part in developing and fixing this game that is so severely lacking... They really didn't think people would want a LFG queue??? They had a WZ queue...... As a consumer who invested over 100 dollars to purchase and play the game including game time... I'm not interested in constructively telling them all the ways they have a ****ed up... I will just move on when my time runs out. And nowhere in my post did I say anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot... I basically said different strokes for different folks... Are you familiar with what a "strawman" is?
  3. If you actually know the definition of the word.... none of what you quoted is ignorant... edit: This is actually another reason I believe this game is doomed. Those that don't like it can calmly explain why and give good examples. A lot of the people who do.. will immediately attack you and then not really respond to any of your arguments with legitimate counter-points....
  4. I think all the Doom talk is because the game really isn't very good. And a HUGE number of people have a lot to complain about. Yes there are many people who do like it... There is a group of people who like virtually anything you can think of on the planet. (This is in anticipation of all the people who will go "WELL DURR I DUNNO WUT UR PROBLEM IS BUT I LUV THIS GAME DURRR IZ SO GOOD LIGHTSABRES PEW PEW I HATE WOW"... even though this game is really very similar to WoW in MANY MANY aspects) Most people who disregard all these complaints as people being "spoiled" or "used to WoW" are extremely ignorant. Here are 2 forum threads that can give you an idea of what people are talking about. And why they firmly believe that the game is on a downward trend into oblivion or f2p http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=233714 http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=1478869 (Can't find original "ability delay" thread) It is also important to note that Bioware completely denied any of these things where even problems in the first place. (for example they claimed only 5% of people actually had performance issues... they also originally claimed High res textures being in the game at all was a bug in the first place... They also originally denied the existence of Ability delay...) Really there are many more things about the game that are contributing to this but... The reality is a lot of people including myself who are very avid gamers who demand quality and are willing to pay top dollar for what we want.... DO NOT LIKE THIS GAME. Like I said before though... some do... many people also play farmville... Normally a game just not being very good wouldn't be grounds to write it off so quickly.. But this game supposedly had a budget of over 500 million dollars, (who knows what numbers are accurate) was very highly anticipated and made a whole lot of claims during development about how different it was going to be compared to most MMO's... It really let a lot of people down.
  5. Hmm.. I try not to think about SWTOR anymore I just get angry. Just gonna say... The game is not very good if you really know what else is out there.
  6. I'v played too many MMO's to list... what do I think about swtor? The bad - Storylines are highly overrated... (please people... they aren't good... you have low standards for fiction) - Graphics definitely are sub par... They took away high res textures ffs, anti aliasing took how long? - Very little open world MMO feeling to be had in this game. - No LFG tool has really (at least on my server) made it very difficult to experience the FP content as much as I need to in order to acquire the gear I want. The good - Gameplay itself is very standard and acceptable to me for an MMO. (Even though in reality it is the complete opposite of what they claimed it was going to be from the outset) - Lightsabres?
  7. 1: No they do not provide lots of experience... The time it takes me to shout for someone I can pass right over this quest and move on my merry way leveling faster then you. 2: No... They do not award enough credits to make the time worthwhile... There are wayyyy faster ways to make money. 3: Lots of things grant you legacy... and commendations... 4: I haven't hung on to any gear rewards I have received from a heroic quest... not a single one. Nor is there any reason to.... Therefore no reason for me to waste my time in the first place. Basically they are pointless any way you look at them. 1 reason to do them is that I guess they are a little different from the regular quests in that they have heroic monsters... NOPE not worth it... The real question I think is.... Why bother doing them at all? They are not AT ALL the key to the fastest way of leveling.
  8. Lol I never mentioned WoW... but really it had double the players SWTOR did in the first 3 months...? Doesn't that just make things look worse? I don't get your point... "FFs wait"? "The game will be good LATER"... are you serious!!!? Do you really not see a problem with that? That is absolutely insane to me.. The game is 15 dollars a month, and 69 dollars too buy... and I have to wait for it to actually be good.... and I'm a "rage kid" for thinking that is stupid!? Give your head a shake. I am not even talking about end game content.... The game has a myriad of issues from bugs and graphic issues, to the broken gameplay issues such as ability delay, warzone lag, all the FP with those Line of sight bugs that still exist since launch... and yes the end game PVP planet of Ilum.... etc etc etc Wait for it to get good?..... you must be trolling..
  9. Well actually even if you take the stats they give as fact, the player population is dropping. 2 mil to 1.7 mil etc etc What is up for debate is how big of a drop that is. To say the game is "rapidly growing" at this point is completely false. It must be nice to actually have this game be enough for you though. Unfortunately I have been exposed to so many games over the course of my life I cannot tolerate the things I see in this game. (big story on the way? Do you have autism? Have you ever read a decent book in your entire life? or played a decent single player RPG with a solid narrative IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!?) You can't wait for patch 1.2 because the game is an incomplete joke of an MMO.... everything coming in patch 1.2 should have been out on release... can you imagine what some other developers could have accomplished with the budget SWTOR had?... probably *********** not... My grandpa would be blown away by this game too.
  10. Yea the thing about the subscription numbers (statistics) they release is that... they don't actually mean much of anything. I think last I heard it was 1.7 million? I paid for 60 days of game time up front, meaning I am still technically subscribed. As are at least 4 people that I know. None of us are currently playing. BUT, we are still part of that statistic... we are considered paying subscribers... the same is true for many many people. Shadowtown, my server of choice has on average at peak times 50-60 people in fleet, my guild "Curb your Imperialism" used to be one of the higher population guilds on the server. I am not exaggerating when I say that near the end of my time playing SWTOR. I logged into the game regularly with 0 guildies..... (the guild has over 100 members) call me ignorant but... I have never in my life seen that first hand. Even if I talk in general chat and ask Un-Biased people playing the game... they tell me that population has dropped, but they believe it is just the server. For them to use the 1.7 million subscriber statistic as a representation of the success of this broken game is laughable.... it really doesn't mean anything... I am currently a paid subscriber until my card runs out... as are most of my friends who decided to throw caution to the wind and buy 60 days up front.... I lasted longer then anyone I know... the rest have long moved on. Edit: and yes of course some people like the game... There is a certain group of people that like virtually anything you can think of in the world... But even people who like aspects of the game can admit that it is severely lacking in many areas. I gave it a very fair shake, and ya know.. It was not bad for a little bit... but to pay 15 dollars a month for this garbage is insane...Ilum doesn't even work at all.. come on people...
  11. Finding a laptop for 700$ or less to play WoW is extremely easy.... SWTOR on the other hand is another story.... You may be able to find one that will play it.. (as in... the game will start up.. and run a bit..) But it will probably run like garbage. Even though I exceed the recommended requirements by a fair margin, game runs like a stuttering grandpa. Good luck. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=194358
  12. Really? They have to start paying once they get to lvl 10? or the first planet? That takes like an hour.... People are gonna hate this game more after such a weak trial....
  13. I am certainly interested to see, I don't know about necessarily a "mass exodus". I do know that I have not seen so much backlash about such a highly anticipated and expensive MMO in my lifetime. (Hellgate London was the worst release I have ever experienced but that wasn't an MMO) I have also never seen my particularly chubby and sweaty nerd friend quit a game he was so excited for that fast. I wonder if leading up to the quarterly announcement they will have some other trial period for players... and in turn add those numbers to statistics... While statistics can be extremely valuable, they are also notorious for being a means that people use to make false and misleading arguments. The game is by most accounts... pretty bad...
  14. Well its not "false" reporting... as I am still technically "subscribed"... and while these numbers may be important to ignorant shareholders who are not gamers. The main point is that these numbers are not truly representative of the success or quality of this game. Case and point, I and all my friends are in that statistic... WE DON'T PLAY ANYMORE.... but time is not up yet, so we are part of that supposedly positive 1.7 million subscriber number. In conclusion...While statistics can be extremely valuable, they are also notorious for being a means that people use to make false and misleading arguments.
  15. So... in other words... the number really means nothing... I joined the game December and spent all my money right up front..I have basically not played the game longer then a few minutes for a couple weeks now and yet they will still be adding me to the number of there subscribers, using me as evidence that there game is in fact not dying and is awesome? Unless I phone/email, demand a refund and go through a whole bunch of B.S. Like many statistics this means little or nothing.
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