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  1. If you guys haven't heard it yet, here's the Forcecast covering the announcement. It's 2.75 hours long, and worth every minute: http://www.forcecast.net/story/topstory/Weekly_ForceCast_October_31_2012_148658.asp
  2. The EU could do with a clean slate. I haven't really liked it in about fifteen years anyway. Every book I've read has almost been begrudgingly. That's when you know you have an addiction.
  3. I just have to say I'm freakishly excited about all of this. I don't want to regurgitate what's been said on a thousand blogs and podcasts, but the bottom line is Disney has a proven track record of respecting creators and mythos. Both Marvel and Pixar can vouch for that. Imagine the possibilities... I've got my fingers crossed that EVENTUALLY this will lead to a rerelease of the theatrical cuts of the original trilogy, but I suspect Disney doesn't want to piss off Lucas until the next trilogy is made, seeing as he's signed on as creative consultant.
  4. No problem! Read my edit above, there's some additional info that should help.
  5. I have a couple of profiles that do exactly that. The Xpadder one (listed as ver 2b) is a bit dodgy, as the lock releases when you swap mappings, but the PGP one (listed under my current profile on the download page) works really well: http://swtorpeeps.blogspot.com/2012/01/downloadable-files.html These profiles will likely require some remapping when you download them, but they'll show you how to get it working. Also, JoystixPro's free SWTOR stix does this by default, but doesn't allow remapping of buttons. Their full version does, though. Edit: I'm assuming you're using MiJ to connect your PS3 controller. If you use PGP, I highly recommend you use MiJ's 360 emulation profile. You won't be able to map your PS button, but it solves a lot of compatibility issues with PGP. Also, you have to use 360 emulation if you use JoystixPro.
  6. carryacross, Xpadder 5.7 is not the latest version. Also, the last version legitimately available as freeware is 5.3, so any copies of 5.7 you did not pay for are pirated (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you downloaded it from a non-torrent that appeared legit, as there are some out there). Try either downloading 5.3 or buying the latest version (for $10 you get free updates for life, plus access to the aforementioned forums, so it's a worthwhile investment). Also, the tutorial can't be copy-pasted, as access to the tutorial is one of the perks of being a paid customer. Hope that helps!
  7. Not according to Timothy Zahn, whom I consider a more authoritative source on the EU than Lucas. And the "calm, collected and diplomatic" argument kind of goes out the window once you consider Barabel Jedi.
  8. Oh yeah, I totally empathize with the woman who looks at her twins, smiles, and goes "welcome to the world. It sucks. I think I'm gonna go die now. Good luck!"
  9. Probably not much. Lucas only provided input on major plot points. He gives authors a lot of freedom, and only provides occasional input (like the aforementioned Wookiee Jedi...which had no reasoning beyond Lucas being racist against Wookiees).
  10. Oh no worries. I'm sure there's plenty of people at Lucas Licensing determined to keep the cash flowing after he kicks the bucket.
  11. "Now THIS is pod racing!" "She's gonna blow!" "This Artoo unit has a bad motivator! Look!" "I'm not going that way. It's much too rocky. This way is much easier!"
  12. The irony being 30-year-old, scrawny, scrappy George Lucas would beat the ever living crap out of 60-year-old, tubby, lazy George Lucas for the changes he's made to his universe.
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