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  1. Why a new ability anyway? To fill our skillbars? Does it add to the experience? Personally I do not desire any more skills. What I'd like for Sage/Sorc are changes to Balance/Madness: - more mobile, - cooldowns better aligned, - a better tactical - a good individual set bonus - and maybe one or two additional interesting skill synergies added. And to Seer/Corruption: - Change force restored by vindicate from 40 to 50 and force regeneration from 2 to 3 for 10 seconds. The keycap of that skill on my keyboard is alredy getting thin .
  2. Having the same problem. It's all in the best traditions of this games QA though... Motivation killed ... again ... well done QA. Don't know when I'll pick up the new story again. Will be pissed for a good ammount of time, because this kind of stuff happened too many times to me.
  3. With the introduction of the new augments and a component needed for them gated behind ranked PVP (drop rate from CXP boxes is pretty low) it was totally predictable that people would start win trading to obtain said components. I think the idea was to create something similar to the equipment tier we once had for PVE nim mode. Something you can only get effectively by participating what is considered the most challenging content. Thing is you got to be able to actually kill the respective bosses in nim mode. And with the old system you would have got a certain pieces only from certain bosses. In PVP you can just win trade. What is now happening was absolutly predictable. I hope that the market will get saturated with the PVP components while being short of the ones from operations. Just another design descision by the actual bioware team that I can only describe as questionable.
  4. ... to the Bioware quality management team. We're glad to have you on board again to battle in the frontline of pre release bug hunting. For this we granted you early access to the newest and hottest Content this game has to offer! To keep things interesting we have hidden at least 10 new bugs for you to find, that have guaranteed nothing to do with new game content or game changes. Enjoy! ... Sorry Bioware staff and fellow subscribers, after all the years I had to do this
  5. Hahnenkampf ? Also ich muss sagen es freut mich, dass Revan auf unserem Server endlich auch liegt. GZ an dieser Stelle Grüße Silan
  6. To be honest, I don't understand why there's the need to add a new skill every time when there is a new level cap. Especially when it fits so badly into the specc. 18, 15 and 12 sec cooldown. At best that means a sequence will repeat after what ... 120 seconds? If you play like a machine that means. Next time just another skill to shift through the classes rotations? Just to add to the quantity? Complexity in numbers? Will we end up using tools that tell us wich button to press next? Really I wish SWTOR would not go this road...
  7. It's not not only that Balance is severly underperforming. It's not nice to play anymore too. For max damage you need to include Force Serenity, wich has a 12 second CD. Force in Balance and Vanquish got 15 seconds. Weaken Mind and Sever Force got 18 seconds. That leads to a massiv shifting of CDs through the rotation. That much that at least I have to permanently check my skillbar AND the enemy debuffs. Add some movement and you totally loose any feeling for your priorities. This sucks. It's totally unintuitive.
  8. Mich haben bestimmt alle lieb. Ich bin ein kleiner dicker Cherub und singe täglich mein Hosianna und spiel auf meiner kleinen Harfe dazu. .... In diesem Sinne: Frohe Weihnachten!
  9. Erm how shall I read your "rotation" Boroth? Two times disturbance after a Vanquish on Procc? And Force Serentity isn't in it either. And a rotation you say? The lengths of the cooldowns don't allow for a static rotation. You surely shifted abilities over time, didn't you? So pls take a closer look on what you've written. The only information that makes sense to me is that you used Vanquish and Disturbance on proc wich is the obvious way to use them. I don't think there is any special trick in our balance/madness discipline. - Use Force serenity on CD when Weaken Mind is up (obvious because of the damage it does with just a cast length of a GCD and it's internal damage also) - Use Force in Balance on CD - Renew Weaken Mind and Severe Force when ran out - Vanquish on procc over disturbance on procc - Fill with TKT My bet for the best use of Force Potency is Force serenity and FiB. (Edit: changed order) Minuses and pluses of 3.0 compared to before: - No more 6% crit chance bonus to Telekinetic Throw - No more 25% damage bonus on Telekinetic Throw to targets affected by Sever Force - 6% damage bonus to Telekinetic Throw from Empowered Throw - No more +30% critical hit bonus damage for Dots and FiB - No more telekinetic focal point (stacked up to 4% alacrity bonus + 36% bonus damage to rippling force) - Force Supression damage bonus to dots down to 10% (from 20% before) - Bonus damage of Presence of mind to Mind Crush and Disturbance down to 25% (from 35% before) against + 5% crit chance bonus to Force Serenity nad Disturbance + global dot damage bonus up to 10% (from 9% before) + 15% dot damage to targets below 30% max health + Force Serenity skill that does 25% more damage on targets that got Weaken Mind + 12,5% dps to base Telekinetic Throw (see * bellow) + 10% AOE damage bonus to Targets effected by FiB + 5% force damage bonus to force atccks applied by Vanquish I don't know how this sums up after all (the devs should usually simulate the outcome), but maybe the discipline is one of the few that met the design goal of "doing the same dps as before when geared out" and all those that parse over 4k now with just mediocre 3.0 gear are broken . *For those who still not understand that "TKT does 25% less damage" thingy: The bare skil yet does more DPS. Lets assume it would do 5k over full 3 sek: 1. TKT over 3sek => 5000 / 3 = 1666,7 DPS 2. TKT over 2sek 25% less damage => 5000 * 0,75 / 2 = 3750 / 2 = 1875 DPS) But it lost it's damage buffs from one passive (6%) and a skill effect (25% from Sever Force)
  10. Machtgelassenheit ist ein Skill in der Gleichgewichtsspezialisierung. Der erste Setbonus wirkt also hier in der Disziplin. Der zweite Setbonus ist nicht wirklich der Rede wert oder? Egal welche Disziplin. Erschütterung kann man in Gleichgewicht nach vier Treffern (ein kompletter Channel ohne Verfehlen) von Telekinesewurf sofort auslösen und bekommt dann 25% Schadensbonus. Auf meinem PVE Gear hat TK-Wurf 4600 Schaden (über 2 Sekunden) und Erschütterung 2939-3067 Schaden (1,5 Sekunden Castzeit bzw. GCD) . TK-Wurf macht also 3450 in der selben Zeit, die Erschütterung braucht. Ohne Procc ist Erschütterung also ein DPS-Verlust. Mit 25% Schadensbonus macht Erschütterung dann max. 3833. Das macht eine Differenz von max 383 mehr Schaden mit Ershütterung. Nicht mehr so dolle wie vor dem Patch, aber immer noch lohnend. Die Verkürzung des Cooldowns von Machtwirksamkeit durch den Setbonus macht den Einsatz von Erschütterung für Gleichgewichtsgelehrte dann aber wieder zu einem Muss. Da jedoch Telekinese momentan deutlich besser parsed als Gleichgewicht und eigentlich keine Nachteile bezgl. Bewglichkeit mehr hat, spricht im Moment eher weng für Gleichgewicht. Im Moment sollte man sich meiner Ansicht nach nicht zuviele Gedanken machen. Das Blancing der DPS passt nach meinem Eindruck vorne und hinten noch nicht un wird noch einige Änderungen erleben. Das ganze inklusive Setboni hat für mich im Moment noch frühen Beta-Status.
  11. I bet it was brought up in the beta. And I highly doubt it was a design descision to nerf balance. Seriously developers should easily be able to simulate the outcome of dps changes. It's all math and with the new skill system there isn't even any considerable variation in speccs any more. I really wonder how it is possible to fail that much. Given that the design goal was sutained speccs to parse better than burst speccs to a certein degree, the actual outcome hints that noone actually did the math. TK seems to be the better sustained AND burst specc atm with also no disadvantage in mobility. I also doubt that any of the developers has seen that disturbance will become pretty useless, even though it is quite obvious. It should do more damage than 3 ticks of TKT (1,5 secs) to be effective, shouldn't it? I can only partly follow the argument that it would be problem to fix balance, because of damage increase being multiplied by additional AOE hits. TK is heavy in AOE and already parses a lot better single target. AOE damage in over 90% of the cases apllies to mob groups wich don't even stand half of the 18 seconds the dots tick. Compare that to the effectiveness smashers or TK-sages. Burst AOE will still be king that discipline. I bet in a matter of days we will see that not only sage/sorc has serious balance issues. My personal conclusion: It's just sloppy work. Same as all the revived bugs we see everytime they bring out new content (code management could do magic really), new bugs wich they just seem to ignore in beta and localization getting worse every new content (chunks of text simply missing, wrong values and desciptions in tooltips and so on). What we se here is an aspect of the issues in quality management Bioware has.
  12. I do actually both PVP and PVE and would find it rather boring to do only one of both. I'd categorize raids into three different types: Progressing: That's content my raid group is actually trying to clear. For new raid content fun is finding out about the boss mechanics and evolve the tactics ourself. For hardmode/nightmare it is fleshing out the tactics and to improve as a team until we master a boss. Raids to gear up: Raids we do regularly to get better gear. It's routine spiced up with jokes and smalltalk in TS. Fun Raids: Raids done to chill, maybe equip a twink or two and laugh a lot. We create our own level of difficulty by trying to creativly kill certain raid members or maybe wipe in an as absurd way as possible, completly ignoring mechanics, pulling as muss adds as we think we might handle or even more, doing 8/16 man raids with as small groups as possible. Such things. We are not the most disciplined lot . Sometimes I do some PUG raids to get acquainted to other people and guilds and to pick up some promissing players for our guild (of course only those without a guild ). All in all for me it's the people of my guild and friends that make raids fun.
  13. Der Bomber eignet sich in jedem Modus eine Stellung zusammen mit einem Kampfschiff und etwas Scout-Support aufzubauen. Zwei Bomber und ein Kampfschiff ergeben eine nicht so leicht zu knackende Festung. Diese Synergie ersheint mir, nach ersten Eindrücken, sogar etwas zu stark zu sein. Der Aufwand die Stellung zu halten erscheint deutlich geringer, als der sie zu knacken. Im Kuat Dominanzgebiet ist der Bomber an der Satelitenposition B ein guter Verteidiger. In Deathmatchgebieten, werden Mitspieler in Jägern lernen müssen die Stellung von Bombern und Kampfschiffen zu verteidigen und sie als Rückfallposition zu nutzen.
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