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  1. VixenRawR

    Operative Burst

    You can leap and choke someone. Isn't that the same thing. I doubt you see someone ready to leap on you half the time when players are all over fighting. How is them being in stealth make a difference. If they were out of stealth they would just cc you anyways and you couldn't do anything. In the end...why because you are cc'd. You think you would have countered it? Even if you could the op would just roll into you with immunity and cc anyways. Every class has cc, I am surprised I can still post 4 days later but Ill do it I guess Honestly in this current meta I think it is brave for people to play stealth classes. With melee limitation and net mayhem...stealth lose out the most out of every class. Ranged classes being netted can still attack at least. Jugg and Mara can use actual dcds to survive. PT doesn't matter cause it will be dead before net hits. Ops suffer more than sins (Dcds lacking) any good merc will net after roll. If ops "wait" for net they will eat all of mercs burst...they are forced to roll.
  2. VixenRawR

    Operative Burst

    Yeah the only flaw in your logic is you want sorc to be a master of all trades. They have the best team synergy out of every class, best healing, pulls, mobility, escapes, cc breaker, overall utility synergizes with other classes well. Operatives don't have that luxury. It is a TEAM based game. Jugg tanks also synergize well with team. Operatives just happen to be good at 1 v 1....that is their niche in swtor pvp, the fact that you want it gone means you want operatives to literally suck on all accounts...they don't have anything else to even offer pvp. 1 v 1 is an opportunity in a warzone, not an excuse. No operative, can EVER 1 v 1 a player of equal skill with two teams of equal skill. Help WILL arrive. It will...if you can learn to use the DCD that is chat. Lol you are one of those people who think ops are rolling around, reflecting, and spamming annoying knifey attacks in a 30m radius. They have to use a global cooldown to roll...x2 every 10 seconds. That means that they aren't even fighting for a large portion of the game because of roll. I like how people don't even care about mercs anymore. 'Oh the devs are nerfing that...now we need to settle on the REAL problem.' lol. Decent absorb shield probe...uh ill trade for static barrier ANY day. Thanks. 2 DoT purges...Wow...NICE good thing dots are just RIPPING people up in pvp. "Hey I just got hit for 30k by affliction" right? Yeah nope. But let me guess....lethality operatives are OP too right? They can purge AND dot people....wow double standard...DELETE THEM RIGHT NOW! So you played scoundrel for a week awhile back and its a joke. That is literally the entire time you put in the game. No you sound like a FoTM player. You have 4 sorc heals, and 10 mercs and snipers. They just annoy you with laughs and spammy knife attacks while you play your god mode characters which are of course SKILLED to use unlike annoying ops right? If operatives were SO op, the entire warzone would be filled with them instead of mercs and snipers. People pretend like sorcs and juggs are bottom of the barrel but I've seen them just as much. Plenty of warzones with 3-5 sorc on my team or 3-5 juggs. Literally the only class I see little of is PT. In fact our 5 sorc team was original huttball that time and we won just by chain pulls and passing...its so easy to play objective as sorc because you literally controlt he field with pull, and phasewalk. You can always be where you need to be.
  3. VixenRawR

    Operative Burst

    Yeah nerf ops and annoying spammy knifey attacks. Down with operatives. Wow its letting me post my sub ended 4 days ago
  4. Thanks everyone. =) Sub ended but guess I have a few posts left in me!! I hope this Keith guy actually does something good for this game, but I feel even if he has good intentions, he is just a small cog in the mAssivE mAchinE that is EA. I'd probably resub the day I found out the roll bug from operatives is fixed. Though in reality there is more that I'd want but it would mean they actually recognized it and took the effort. I wish they would fix the reorganizing data crap each patch to. I read a few forums about how to fix it, but it all ends with me reinstalling the game or messing with files. My luck when I touch something that isn't 100% broken...it breaks completely. I don't want to have to become IT for their game...wish they would just fix these issues. =/ Everytime I play GW2 with friend we always compare it to swtor. I can click on the GW2 Icon and go through the loading, and be logged in the game and actually doing content before my swtor character can even load from character screen into my SH. I've noticed it takes longer and longer. When SH first came out I used to pick it because it was like a short load. I even remember at launch the fleet was pretty quick...oh how things have changed. I imagine the server like a rope that keeps twisting and twisting until it's an unrecognizable knot that is just causing everyone to experience lag and long load times and so on. Who knows, I don't. XD Anyways, I hope everyone here finds what they want when Swtor fails them again. =)
  5. I got called a hacker because I kept using force storm on stealth and hitting them every time. XD I knew their team had multiple stealth, and I just pay attention to the map, oh they have 5 at snow and 1 guarding...where are the two stealth? If they aren't attacking..maybe they are mid...hiding right about...."AOE". I kept doing it the entire match. Timing their respawn rate and figuring they'd be this far towards mid again and AoE that spot. I got really lucky sometimes but they were screaming hacks at the end. P.S. Surprised I can still post. My sub ended yesterday. XD Usually takes a day I think. Anyways, I hope everyone here doesn't have to much fun while I am gone. =)
  6. They should allow you to save a preset of keybinds, builds, gear, and all that noise that you can switch to while waiting for warzone to start. At the start of the warzone it should instantly prompt you to switch to DPS if the team already has more than 1 healer. Honestly I just like the idea of teams trying to make builds work so there arent 4 tanks in a reg arena vs 4 heals. I've had something similiar happen, but it was 4 heals vs 1 heal and 3 dps. How incredibly boring. I think healfests are the thing I quit the fastest. Its boring to be against, and be on the team I will quit my own healing team too. Its so dull. I'd rather draw with white crayons on printer paper.
  7. Your argument is 100% invalid because you failed to realize one thing. First off...in solo content...everything is easy for all specs. In pve you always need a team to do an operation...or FP (Not the solo ones). So operatives skillset is once again...useless...not that its skillset really ever applied in pve the way it does in pvp. Great...operatives are good at duels in your Stronghold. Yet when I que up for lowbies, mids, 70's, solo ranked, team ranked...all I get are the options of 4 v 4 and 8 v 8...guess what? no 1 v 1 option. It is team based so operatives can't excel at 1 v 1 if being focused. Operatives don't really have any high powered DCD like undying rage, imperial preparations, enraged defenses...and so on. They have roll dodge immunity as conceal...which has a 10s cooldown and cannot attack while using...I can while in undying. Then right after...since if the player is stuck in 1 v 1 on an operative should have called for help...now its not a 1 v 1...even if the op gets help...a 2 v 2 is not where an operative shines either...all they have to do is focus it or the other player and kill it..an operative doesn't have the ability to prevent this besides leaving the fight with escape combat. Not saying its worthless and can't win a 2 v 2...it just shines best in 1 v 1. Pvp is a team based game...the fact that you think its a 1 v 1 is because you either do not call out...or you put yourself in a position to be killed 1 v 1 with an operative. Like say chasing it after door is blown up in voidstar and suddenly you are alone with the nearest teammate over 150m away. Good luck. Also your comparisons to sin literally are lacking. You should tie in sins CC kit...you'd be surprised HOW much more cc a sin has...its way better than an operative. You even got Spike! Operatives only have hidden stri....oh...R.I.P. Thats okai you can just teleport away using Phas...yah...its always the sorcs fault in the end. =)
  8. I know you are but what am i! What...that doesn't work... Sec ima ask my mom I'll be back.. Well tomorrow...it's bed time... =/
  9. You'd think. "Oh it's because of mercs 3 h2fs" Nope. "Well obviously plasma probe spam" Nope. "Net spam?" Nope "Oh, well you always seem to hate sorc heals...is that it?" Nope. The bugs. The system is like swish cheese in a muddy river...doesn't sound good does it? I honestly am tired of leaping and falling thru the map. "That doesn't happen often." It shouldn't happen at all. "Roll bug..." actually got knocked back on my op and got the roll bug, that actually made me mad. Like I wasn't rolling...I guess it's just an operative only bug. I am in entrench. Not just activating...not on the last second...but settled in and have plenty of time left. A jugg grabs the ball and leaps to me. What?? "Well it must have been obliterate" The two problems with that was he wasn't rage, and he was more than 10m away...way more. The he pushes me in the fire...I still have 7 seconds left on entrench give or take. Same match. I have a sin attacking me. I already used knockback but he speed back to me, shield probe was gone...evasion wasn't up. So I used imperial preparations. Nothing came back up...it was all on cooldown, including my imperial preparations. Every map with a ramp becames a chaotic mess of invisible glitches. I see people roll and vanish, leap and go invis...it shows them fall of the ramp, then suddenly back up the ramp, then below again...then they are 10 feet from scoring. Happens with every movement ability in the game that I have seen besides maybe rocket out...and that power is it's own nightmare w.o a glitches. "Well you are lagging, and your computer is a dell pentium II with a Win 95 OS." Nope, computers not even a year old, and I've tested this game on other computers and same issue. Different places with different internet providers...same issue. The highest my MS will go is into the 90s. I am 100% aware of all class abilities, and capabilities and so on when I see stuff happen its annoying, I wanna call hacks...but in all reality I know it's just the game falling apart on me. And it's not always stuff directed at me either. Today in civil war I was on sniper and another player was on sniper at grass. The other team was going after it, 3 v 1 so I run up and flashbang one and legshot another and it runs away then rolls. It was close to dying so I keep them back with cover pulse when they break out. I maim the one trying to go after it. Then I start to run. I was just passing the stairs that go down to go towards mid and by then the other sniper had rounded the corner and was in mid. There was a PT behind me and I was just getting to the edge of the wall that is connected to mid when I hear the sound of pull. I am like "Well I am doomed" but nothing happens...I was like? It missed? Nope...it pulled the sniper...which I found out later was in mid by the node...and we were on the other side of the wall about 10m away from the edge...pt was a bit further behind me. Like he pulled him up and over the wall...like it had to been over 60m at least from where we were standing I couldn't even phasewalk that far when I am on a sorc. Like all this is just what happened TODAY. like wow this should be my entire experience since launch, not a daily tail of bugfest. Ive had warzones where a sorc spammed storm on top of me and I kept capping and it was doing dmg to me. I've had warzones where people knock me back, I take dmg, I have no resolve, I am not in entrench or H/O or just leaped...but I just dont get knocked back. I've had warzones where I've been sapped 5x in arow with no resolve. The list goes on (These didn't happen today). I am not just going "Omg im being stunlocked by annoying spammy knife rooty attacks." I know what a class is capable of. Their utility, and amount of cc. I know slows and roots aren't stuns, I know the difference between a sap, a flashang, lowslash, and fear, concussion missile, whirlwind ect. Soft and Hard stuns. Im not the best player in the world, but I know exactly how classes work. What their cooldowns are, and what things are capable of. Swtor is an amazing game, I wish another company had control of it. EA does not have any interest in this game, the community, or the franchise. Star Wars is awesome, I love it...and I hate what EA has done to it. I don't really like to scream "OMG HACKER" but honestly...the way EA ignores so many issues on this game, it doesn't surprise me if people have working hacks. I mean I've seen a few in the past like the speed hacks and stuff, but the majority of stuff I see that looks like hacks, is just the poor design of this game. I think 6.0 should be called Bug Fixes. They should just dedicate an entire update to fixing the game. I don't want a shiny lightsaber, and though I do love the idea of class balance...the bugs imo are a bigger concern. I don't even want a new warzone or operation, or flashpoint. No level increases, no new powers, no companions, no hypercrates...just repairs. Fix what we have. It makes me sad that I have this many issues on swtor. Maybe I am the only one..I mean I can't even edit or put anything on this forum either...just make posts. =/ I will miss posting on the forums when my sub runs out which is in a few days. Even if I argued I still liked talking to everyone. xD I like this game, but when you fall thru the map after leap, swap to operative and get the roll bug on next map, then the next match after that. Then deal with invisible glitchy people..including myself...its like to much! 1 roll bug a month after 500 warzones I can manage...2 in 2 warzones...*sigh*
  10. Next time I play I'll take one. It doesn't really amaze me when I hit that hard when I play sorc. People act like sorcs are only hitting 12-15k on their biggest crits.
  11. I honestly have played this game long enough that the trivial rewards of warzones mean nothing to me. I'd rather just get in a better game.
  12. I've gotten over 35k hits on lightning and madness before. Heck I had a 37k hit on madness last night and my gear sucked.
  13. Does anyone know why I cant use any of the above messages when making a thread or posting? I can't put things in quotations, change font look, put spoilers or anything. Do I just have to do it manually?
  14. It always amazes me when I go to off node at start of Civil War...and someone else follows me...and then the other team sees the incoming at mid...so they turn and follow them and soon 5 people are trailing after me. Mid gets capped instantly and they come to grass and stop us from capping. I see the reverse to. I go offnode at grass and I see 3 people on their team going to grass. Like what? Like sometimes I don't even go offnode...why would you send 3 people there to cap your node? In the end I just let them cap, and half the time all 3 run away, or they have 1 guard and I sap them and cap. Or just kill them as they probably won't even bother making the call. I really do hate when people break my saps or flashbang. I once had a perfect flashbang and started to cap..I would have had it...but a sniper that had followed me used ambush on it after I flashbanged. I was watching it...like don't do it....you can cancel the channel, but nope they were committed and they even tried to use the excuse that they didn't know he was soft stunned. Like you do realize operative and sniper flashbang appear the same on a target. >.< Back in the day I would always have a marauder or jugg leap in and AoE smash my group of flashbanged targets as if they went into some god-mode anti cc attack. Like they could be the worst players. Trying to learn WASD, keyboard turning, clicking powers, 5-10 second delay between attacks...but when sapped or flashanged. They would instantly use force charge and smash with perfect succession...zero delay time. It seems like noobs actually can be good at what they do....to bad that is being bad.
  15. There should be no punishment for quitting. There are so many bads out there, why should you be punished to quit a team because you have half your team afking on 1 node? I am not going to waste my time nor be punished because I didn't. 15 mins...I'd just go afk in a corner in the warzone over getting a 15 min lock out timer. How about people who get vote kicked from a warzone get a 24 hour ban. I'd be fine with that. Afk bums will just que again. Plus like other people stated, tons of stuff happens in real life outside your control. Would you rather them stay in the game not doing anything than quit and at least get a potential replacement? Sometimes I am glad when players quit because the replacements actually turn the warzone around. But like many other people said, my time is valuable. I am not going to stay in a warzone that is just filled with people who only want to lose hardcore. I'd rather que dodge.
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