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  1. Hello, I'd like to switch guilds but still get my conquest for the week. As I understand it, when you join a new guild you can't get conquest for that week. Or maybe the guild doesn't get the conquest? I'm not sure. I'd like to join a new guild and still get the personal conquest and guild rewards. Is there a best way to do this? Thanks
  2. I like your ideas; Llacertus. Regarding #3 with lightning sorcs vs skank tanks...that does not concern me much. Skank tanks should not have high mitigation compared to a defensively geared one; and therefore with the amount of damage they can do having one class that is their kryptonite is a small penalty. No one complains about skank sins or PT tanks. We need to adjust Jugg tanks accordingly.
  3. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Regarding #1..."first hardswap from a competent player team will demolish their target"...I don't see the problem. Granted, I'm looking at this mainly from a regs point of view. I think group ranked & solo ranked with trinity comps probably view it differently. In regs, I'd much rather have good swaps result in kills rather than the stalemates that happen in some of the maps like civil war where the sides get capped and neither side can control mid to get a cap. Maybe it would just result in some different tactics...maybe diffferent comps...anything is better than the stalemates or being mezzed 8 seconds, then missing everything for 8 seconds and then another one does it to you. Just gets boring.
  4. I'm not against premades in general. Yes, they make it difficult for the pugs on the other side but I don't think we should prevent friends and guildies from playing with each other. However, when you start running into double premades where there are 4 players on the opposing team that all have the Force Bound set and coordinate their Intimidating roar it just makes the game boring and not fun at all. Also, jugg tanks in general are still over performing offensively as well. If SWTOR is serious about wanting to keep warzones fun in my humble opinion, they should quickly: 1. Make guard have a cooldown. Something like a 30 second use with a 1 minute cooldown. 2. Remove Force Bound set or reduce the accuracy penalty to 20%; similar to the sniper/operative flashbang utility 3. Adjust matchmaking so that when two teams of 4 queue up they are put on opposite teams and then the rest filled up with pugs. Just my two-cents Also, I'm leveling some characters during the double xp and i'm not a fan of the new brackets if feedback is still being looked for. It's just too much of a mismatch to be level 10-30 and fighting against 60's and 70's.
  5. Hey guys, new guild here for all pvp fans. We are now actively recruiting; here are our guild requirements: 1.) Must remain no higher than level 74. This may require you to leave the warzone just before it ends to prevent getting the XP. 2.) Must form up premades in discord to better communicate and call out targets. Healer with tank preferred. 3.) All lowbie targets must be quickly identified in the war zone and focused. Guild perks & credits are rewarded for high kills. Below level 30 targets are ideal for quick elimination. This may require camping their spawn point for rapid re-kills. Exception for Lethality Operatives; where only 1 or 2 killing blows is excused by the huge fluffy numbers. 4.) Tanks must be juggernauts; have the reduced choke cooldown perk and used on cooldown along with Intimidating Roar. Guard swaps and taunting goes without saying. 5.) Non-FOTM classes are strongly discouraged. 6.) Sorc healers must utilize bubble-stun. 7.) Operatives are expected to understand how to roll glitch the server. This will cause you to desysnc on platforms such as huttball & Yavin warzone so that you appear to be on a different level or just disappear from the opponents target altogether. 8. The huttball is to be thrown only when waiting for dead enemies to respawn. Deathmatching is strongly encouraged while the ball is in play. 9. Guild members are expected to encourage each other to flag plant and other forms of dominance over opponents. 10. Any lowbies on our teams should be openly chastised for lack of gear; encouraging them to leave the warzone so we can backfill with better geared players. Looking forward to meeting some new players and seeing you all in the new 10-74 bracket war zones!!!
  6. Torian with a techblade was much cooler Mako, Blizz, Gault are all ranged I don't remember Skadge, because i killed him but at minimum 4/5 of the original companions are ranged Makes it kind of boring
  7. I'm trying to help a friend with the Eternal Championship. We both have the Solo+ mission and when we go in the first boss spawns, but after we defeat it neither of us can click on the terminal to advance to the next boss. It is glowing but nothing happens when we click on it. Then if we leave the area and come back in the terminal isn't even glowing anymore but we have a mission "Check in at the terminal during intermission" and still can't be clicked on. We put in a ticket but all we got was the unhelpful "abandon and reset phases" which of course we've already done but the same thing keeps happening. Anyone else ever had this happen and know how to resolve?
  8. When did Eric post that question about warzone pops? How long have they been ignoring this?
  9. I know its been asked about but never seen a response. I like hutt ball too, but a little variety is nice. Six in a row is getting ridiculous and its like that all the time. I know of a lot of people, including a well known influencer that did a lot of good things for the community that have specifically left SWTOR because, as pvp'ers, they got so tired of leaving war zones, re-queuing only to have another huttball pop. Alll that has to be made is that all huttball maps count as 1 huttball when selecting the map. If huttball gets selected, then reroll the 3 to see which one to play. Just that little tweak right now would go a long ways
  10. Also, after 2 years we still can't customize Star Fortress companions. Feels bad.
  11. Well I re-subbed after a long break. I last played about a month before 6.0 was coming out. I had a lot of reservations about it at the time but decided to try it with an open mind. It was worse than I thought. Not only are there extra layers of unneeded complexity; but it is a complete credit sink. Pulling out mods & augments? Credits Changing your armouring amplifier? Credits Change your mod amplifier? Credits Earpiece? Implants? Pretty much all your gear? Credits, credits, credits Buying new augments? Almost $5M per Want a new 6 piece set bonus? $1M for each piece of gear Now, I know there are a lot of diehards that have billions of credits and all the time in the world to craft and other things. But there are many more people who are like me that only have a couple hours a night a few times a week to play the game and we just want to be able to pvp and compete on an even playing field. Heck, if I can do that it is worth my sub and EA gets money and we're both happy. But if I have spend so much time grinding and not enough having fun then I cancel my sub and EA doesn't get money. There's a reason why MMO's are a dying breed. Too many other games you can jump right in and have fun and compete against other people on an even playing field. It would be nice if this game recognized that and adapted. Gear progressions should only be for people that want to play end game PVE
  12. Can someone remind me where most FPS bottlenecks occur in SWTOR? Graphics or CPU? Thinking about upgrading, but there's not much difference in the CPU except with more L3
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