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  1. Most of your bads tend to troll. I just ignore them for the most part. Unfortunately ranked is dead till around 7 PM Central Time Zone and then is dead again at around 11 to midnight central time zone. It sucks because even when people are queuing I don't get no more than 5 to 8 games at most a day if you're lucky. In other words it is crap right now.
  2. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra
  3. Repeat: The sky is falling!!! Please post your " Sky is Falling " comment here! Again, the " Sky is Falling "!!!
  4. This forum is post times to where people like myself are doing solo queues. The main purpose for this is to increase game time and increase pool of players within this bracket. I will be doing ranked solo queues gamers starting around 7 P.M. central time zone everyday. Thanks.
  5. I'm doing ranked but not against premades though. I'm doing solo queue atm so I will be online in the evening.
  6. I don't role play sry. Do you know the status of the server atm?
  7. Hi everyone this is Wahl. I have decided to come back and try some pvp again after a being away from sometime. I've heard that massive problems with ranked have gotten to the point where ranked games do not exist anymore however I am not sure what is exactly true. What exactly is the server status for pvp? I'd like to try to get back into the action again. I'll check back later. Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone this is Wahl. This will be my last and final post for SWTOR unless something is seriously changed. I will be leaving this game due to the queue times for ranked taking in most cases an hour per game. I currently about 3/4 done with my gear being min/maxed but I am just burned out with queue times and overall burned out with pvp. I do not have the time like I used to years ago before I became an RN to play. I used to be a hardcore gamer in pvp in many MMO's years ago before I went to college but I just cannot commit to this anymore. Don't get me wrong though I love working in ER at the hospital but it does take a toll on you after a while at times. I'm a casual gamer now and that is all I will ever be. It's becoming too much and it's just not fun overall experience. I would just like to say to the my pvp friends and fellow republic players that I have played with that I hope that I have inspired that you CAN win against overwhelming odds and that one person can make a difference in any pvp situation with solid quick thinking, and a little hope. Just don't give up so easy when things go bad at first. To my Imperial adversaries, you have been a good challenge which is something I like. The more odds against me the better I fight. Regardless though it has been fun. FYI I am not going to that game called Wildstar because honestly I don't care for it nor do I have the time nor the desire to play an MMO at this time. Anyways this is Wahl signing off. Good luck to everyone and thank you for the opportunity to play with you all. Take care now! - Wahl, Vigilance Guardian
  9. Hi all. I have a question. What's a good time people are playing for group ranked and solo ranked? It's been awhile since I've done it but I'm trying to get back into it again. Thanks.
  10. My current guild is called " Better Than Hacks " were a very small pvp guild but we win most of our matches. Ranked or Regular. I've been with these guys for a good 6 months now and were very good at what we do. Seriously though if you are having problem winning, you can always ask to pair up with me. I tend to win most of my matches. Let me know if your interested.
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