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  1. I'd say go for the weapon, might aswell get the most expensive ones out of the way first. But I think the chest piece would be (minorly) more beneficial
  2. I set my game on autopilot and let it play by itself. It instantly knocks back people who charge to me, even if it's on cooldown, and even if they have CC immunity/full resolve.
  3. I don't know what prompted you to post that, but that's simply not true. 90% of the time, it breaks on damage as intended. There are no passive abilities or talents that say 'whilst dark charge is active, whirlwind does not break on damage and the target takes 75% less damage'. If that's the case people would be eating full-length whirlwinds all the time considering the majority of shadows/assassins are in the tank stance. If anything it's to do with the talent that makes it instant cast but also cause a stun when broken. --- Now after a quick search, you said here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=4856863 I have an assassin myself, I have played a full tank spec, and I have encountered this happen first hand but not reliably. You cast whirlwind, it doesn't break on damage. In the same match i've used it again and it has broken on damage. Now if it's a relic from a previous talent, it seems it wasn't fully removed.
  4. Not in PvP. Whirlwind and lift sometimes bug out, causing you to stay mezzed whilst you're taking damage, but the damage you do receive is greatly reduced. So if he was in whirlwind for the duration of the fire and it didn't break, he was taking reduced damage.
  5. You're referring to cross-faction GTN right? What era are you living in? That already happened with 1.3.
  6. Ashania

    Helpful hints

    Especially when they even said you'd get Mercenary Commendations for OWPvP
  7. It's very easy to have high healing numbers (300k+) and only have less than 10 kills when your team is terribad and not going for enemy healers and thus cant kill anyone. Unfortunately I encounter this a lot, and I don't sit off in a corner and continually NS myself and heal - that's just asking for a Hidden Strike and a quick death (which I love to do on my Scoundrel/Operative). NS is great for when I get thrown into all those losing warzones which are just about to end and I NS myself enough to get a 5k heal off giving me 2 medals (2.5k and 5k heal) so I don't end up with 0's across the board. (Loading into a warzone just to see the defeat scoreboard with all 0s or loading into a huttball where you're waiting to be let out of the spawn but see the ball carrier about to score the last goal is not fun!) On topic however, I do agree that the PvE set bonus is much more appealing, especially the 8second CD on Healing Trance. The regen on NS from the PvP set is negligible but would be more advantageous from a PvE perspective. The two most important bonuses however are the 2-set bonuses on both the PvE and PvP sets which luckily you can mix to get both and is quite effective.
  8. So weird, I was thinking the exact same thing. It can't be due to graphics settings, everything for me is the lowest possible and mine still look 'normal'.
  9. One thing we definitely need, a decent heal usable on the move!
  10. The whole thing about the Dirty Kick animation bugging out when 'getting up' doesn't even happen. Now if we're going to talk about that, Guardians/Juggernauts Force Push takes forever to stand up afterwards and you start rubberbanding back to where you were pushed for a few seconds. Not like you should use a CC breaker after a push, but if you were to, you also aren't able to move freely, you continue to rubberband back to where you were pushed and effectively get nowhere. Scoundrels are fine... Operatives on the other hand...!
  11. No, not really. If little things like this happened on a much regular basis, making it feel like something is going on all the time in-game, then yes. But if it's just a poorly implemented week-long fetch quest to numb the blow from a F2P announcement and to tide us over until 'true content' is released, then no.
  12. Well as I said, Cathar is the safe option due to no clipping issues and no odd head shapes. So in BW's eyes, even if they were or were not a popularly requested species, they feel that adding something - anything, is enough to appease the crowd. I do believe that new species will not be a regular occurence, especially considering the rate we've seen other content being churned out. Sure, other games don't see new species or races implemented until a new expansion or whatever is released and races are made out to be a big thing. In the Star Wars universe though there are a vast majority of species, allowing for a species to be implemented in a mini-update with minimal fuss but would be well received and feel like the game is more alive. Currently, all we'll see is Cathar, basically a human with fur and we won't see another species for maybe a year. You may be right about BW being out of touch, especially when they said 'if new species are well received and something the community want more of we will definitely begin to look at more options'. Of course people want more species to play as in an MMO and currently this game is lacking in the character customisation deaprtment especially in regards to species, when placed in relation to the Star Wars universe as a whole. I fully understand the need for a humanoid type main character, but i'm sure (and i'm not big-up on my Star Wars background/lore) there are so many more species available that are unique, yet still fall under a humanoid-esque category.
  13. Pet classes are always my favourite! (not the hunter-esque type though) but I highly doubt they would ever be included in TOR especially seeing as we have companions following us 90% of the time. Also realistically and unfortunately I don't think TOR will see a new class for several years - providing the game is even around by then. Though if it were to happen, a buff/debuff type would be nice.
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