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  1. Fresh group content would go a good distance. If I could put in my major wish though, it would be guild server transfers. If you can't automate the process, then set a size limit and manually shift huge guilds through customer service. We have very robust guilds that have invested a lot on dead servers who are contributing immensely to the stability and profit of this game by keeping players engaged and active, but even through mighty efforts, it is nearly impossible to keep a guild active when a server population is rapidly dwindling. Pot5, I'm looking at you.
  2. Mergers and/or the ability to server transfer guilds is needed. Cheers, not panic, would likely be the overwhelming response to an announcement of mergers. Pot5 general pop is dead, only life is within guild.
  3. My sub's a 6 month so mine is up in Feb, but I'll be following you out when it's up, I believe. It's been lovely to have you around, Luna, and I hope you find another game that you find fun. If they ever wise up and continue the class and companion stories, I hope to see you again.
  4. Luna, I went last night and got to talk a good bit to Charles Boyd, as well as Courtney, and I asked about the class stories, about companion stories, and about faction-based stories. It's a standard answer because they're not making any more. Maybe sometime far in the future, but there's none in development - no class-based stories, no companion stories. What you'll see is class snippets buried in the faction-based stories. It's one of the big reasons that I've largely stopped playing. It's like when you start reading a good book and then realize that the author stopped before the end. Just makes you want to put it down and walk away. No point in getting attached to characters or wondering what will happen with this or that, cause they won't ever tell you, and given the number of hanging threads in the class and companion storylines...yeah, I walked away for the most part. My swtor gaming is now limited to raiding one night a week with friends. That said, the event was a lot of fun, and the BioWare employees and developers are genuinely nice people. It's pretty clear that the writers would like to continue those class and companion storylines, but well...anyway. The group, as a whole, is pretty excited about the galactic starfighter expansion, so for those who are interested in space pvp - congrats! Not my cup of tea, but I'm glad some people are getting new content. If you guys ever get a chance to go to a cantina tour, do. If nothing else, it's good to know the developers are real people rather than some faceless maniacal code-monster out to destroy you
  5. Just wanted to say thank you for hosting a really nice event, guys! Courtney, Eric, it was great to meet you two in person I got to chatter to Charles Boyd about troopers, look like I was part of the crowd while wearing a bounty hunter shirt, and have a beer or two - a very nice night all told, lol.
  6. They are both types of pvp - players fighting other players - but 4v4 deathmatch is a different variety than 8v8 objective. You can keep arguing, you always do, but, frankly, your arguments in this case are outright laughably ridiculous. They're two different varieties of pvp.
  7. Laziest set of class-specific gear in this game, easily. Not even any attempt at making each one look class specific.
  8. 4x4 deathmatch arenas are different from 8v8 objective-based warzones. They are so obviously two types that to state differently is mindboggling ridiculous. You guys really have lost your minds, haven't you?
  9. To be quite honest, I find most discussions here anymore to be pointless. Rarely is any kind of civility or tolerance found, much less considered and reasoned replies. Instead, there are individuals who look, not to discuss or add ideas, but simply to tear down others, to add their snark and make others feel terrible for having voiced an opinion. If the goal is to make the forums an inviting place, it's vastly missing the mark.
  10. *hugs Morgani* The groups I've been running with have been falling apart too. Some are tired of the nickel and diming, some are tired of the recycled content, some are tired of neverending dailies. I got tired of having single digits in guild, so I went with a group over to ff. Been playing there when things are dead in swtor, which lately has been all too often.
  11. Yay? Talk about lackluster. Yeah, add to the reasons why I just checked how much time I have on my sub.
  12. Just a quick note: I've been finding myself spending less time with swtor lately, partially because of the strong indications that BW has no intention of continuing the class stories. If you're a regular to this thread you've probably seen the stretch of time between updates expanding, as a result. Unless things change, I'll stop by to update this index every once in awhile, but probably not very often. I just wanted to say that this index has been a lot of fun, and hopefully has been useful to those who want to see more of the companion content in the game. I've been really impressed with the community and the efforts to find all these hidden gems. Please feel free to continue to post what you find. As I said, I'll be by to update every so often, but just having them all in one thread is helpful. Thank you so much! I've had a lot of fun with this project.
  13. Updates are in to HK, T7, Jaesa (LT), Torian, and Temple. I noticed with that comment on Makeb for Torian that you have there, that it didn't trigger the first time I went to Makeb, but I've been getting it consistently ever since on the orbital station.
  14. Who: Skadge Why: Oh, let's start with he frakking threatens my bh to get on the ship and she CAVES????? Yeah, let's start with that little clusterf***. So, that is reason enough, but then we have his revolting sexual predator comments, his sludge-you-scraped-off-your-shoe appearance, his single-digit IQ, AND the fact that he b**ches at you every time you send him on a mission. How: kicked into an idling ship engine...can't mess with a classic
  15. Class-specific quests are not anywhere near the same as a 'Yo! I heard about you, dude! You're the winner of the Great Hunt! Epic! I need you to do this generic task that I could have a Sith or agent do. Later!" "Class-based content" in planetary questlines is quarter-a**ed. Not even half-a**ed. It's cheaper for sure, and the quality of the experience reflects that. It's not an Avenger-style set up. It's a WoW style set up - you're a generic hero of the Republic/Empire off doing the same damn thing as every other class. Your role in the conflict has been reduced to generic grunt. Whereas I had been looking forward to playing this game going forward, seeing what else was coming, how the stories played out, at this point I'm doing a lot of looking around at what else is out there, where my friends are going (cause they're leaving by the boatload lately), and generally making plans for gaming after swtor. Reason I'm still here? A couple classes I have left, a small handful of things I wanted to get done in terms of ops, and a few friends who are still here. Get that? One of the things keeping me here, keeping money going to BW, is the class quests, and with those I'll be going to 50 and stopping because really I don't need to see Makeb yet again.
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