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  1. more than likely it's people with more than 1 account using a 2nd comp to get people to queue on imp side while the 1 pub side is queued and ready.
  2. it depends on who you talk to. Ranking decay usually has the caveat that you are in complete control of your team, but in solo queue you are pretty much paired with complete randomness, thus your ranking is based on said randomness. the current system is really bad for solo ranked. Personally, I wouldn't mind a pure win ranking. Eliminates the effects of baddies and trolls have on your ranking. The only people that it doesn't benefit, or those who want rewards on all 16 of their toons.
  3. but but but, there is something better than cross server coming..... chirp chirp chirp
  4. Anyakaschala

    Bubble Stun

    personally, I don't have any issues with it. 1) it needs to use a talent point, thus not all sages/sorcs are going to take it. 2) it's only in melee range and doable by a class in light armor. 3) and granted, they don't have to toggle it, it just goes off randomly when shield is broken, thus it's unpredictable in nature. I'd say more than 50% of the time it's completely useless. 4) Other classes have much better 4m aoe stuns that guarantee someone will get stunned. Jugg smash, scoundrel flash bangs, targeted and as thus guaranteed to work.
  5. realistically your main can still do all the farming for alts, you just need to rip the mods and legacy them over. Keep the shell and get the ranked comms needed to upgrade, then rip those mods, rinse repeat. The only real thing to keep track of is which piece(s) your main(s) are farming and which the alts are. That's really the only trick to it. Couple of side notes here though, if doing this process, prioritize the alt to get the reaver ears/implants/relics, and have main do most of the rest, add that I'd also when plague weekly comes around, get as many tokens as possible as that has the cheapest amount and easiest to get legacy weapons.
  6. I know the extended universe. And realistically it doesn't matter if it's mara jade or not. He just had to get married and have a kid. Hell, he doesn't even have to get married. It wouldn't surprise me if they tried to keep that part the same, but it also wouldn't surprise me if they didn't either. But if not Luke's child, then who? As said, it would have to be a family that has a history of being strong in the force. Thus who? Or IMO, who else but a Skywalker?
  7. when the title reads, STEALTH EXPLOIT in Corellia arena, you have to ask how it is an exploit? And it's not. Hell, it's not even clever use of game mechanics. It's a boring troll way to try and win that really just comes down to luck as to who is the last man standing.
  8. ok, I'll bite and hopefully get this discussion going. 1) Lukes the one that's talking. 2) Since the movie is set 30ish yrs after RotJ, I'm going to guess that he had a kid. I'm going to guess it's the girl in the trailer, kind of has a skywalker type look to her. I'm going to say Lukes kid due to the fact that he call Leia his sister. If it was Leia's kid, the logical thing to say is "your mother". 3) if it's not his or Leia's kid, then it's another prominent force lineage family. Thus who would that be? Obi-wans? Palpatines? 4) with a title like Force Awakens - does that mean it's been silent for the 30yrs after the events of RotJ, both light and dark side. Doesn't really make sense. Or does it mean that the dark side has woken up and there's a new big bad, which would then lead credence to a Palpatine lineage bad guy.
  9. here's the take away from this. l2play your class, but if you play a low performing class, try and get better.... really? That's one of the best pieces of advice you have? Then learn to carry people with said bad class? And then you follow it up with....find a different server....find out which side is bad and play the other one....lol, and you try and make it sound like skill.... Basic note: there is a reason that there is next to no correlation between grouped and solo. The "skills" it takes, err luck, win trading, off hour queues, queue-syncing, better faction v worse faction are not in actuality, skills.....
  10. I'm looking to transfer and/or make some new toons, but before I do, are their any consistent late night ops groups, meaning 1030p pst or so start times. My job and outside life prevent me from typically logging on during prime times. So, if anyone has an idea or 2 of guilds I should be looking for, it would be appreciated, on imp or pub, doesn't matter. I plan to spend a good chunk of this weekend with double xp to level a toon or 2.
  11. how would stripping away a non-competitive form of ranked take away from competitive pvp. Again, as was mentioned, yolo ranked is not considered competitive pvp, and that's by the top rated players. They agree that it's a joke and it's a luck of the draw. Even the leaderboards prove this out due to the non-correlation between group and solo. This just makes it possible to try and boost solo ranked queue population. How could it hurt is this so-called competively non-competitive pvp? Hell, you'd still have ELO in place for grouped. You could implement solo queue without much effort on BW/EA's part, and see what happens. At least it's an alternative to something that's not working. All you have advocated for is.....keep it the same. And eery season, it's stayed the same. And what has been the result? Less pops, less people playing in every season. What we have is not working, it can't be made any clearer. Trying something else is trying something else. Giving another way a shot to boost participation. Outside that, they need to hire an entire pvp team dedicated to new maps, new rewards, class balance, maybe new ranked playstyles like maybe some ojbective based 4v4, etc... basically as something to completely change pvp as we have now.
  12. I may have taken a stab at him, but if anyone probably knows the pitfalls of the ranking system it's him. And while he probably got better, chances are he also didn't get remarkably better to go from 850 to 2800 in one season. Realistically, it probably has more to do with getting lucky for the 1st 10 games, as well as the change to 3.0 and how OP the class became. This again just points out the problems of the system that is in place as it is right now. Kre'a has even said that he doesn't think he's the best, thus showing that the system doesn't reward the best players just those that have gotten lucky and mostly likely, at least for others, that have gamed the system. As many have said, lots of players just hang out on a vent server when they are queueing, and jump down a channel if/when they get in the same group. So grats to kre'a on your ranking, you've played a ton of games and have earned it. And grats again for winning in the class balance lottery.
  13. and while i understand your point, my point is still that ELO isn't working, esp in yolo. There isn't enough of a population to support it. Therefore something NEEDS to change. And what's needed is something that helps boost the population, and if that's just a straight wins scenario, then I'm for it. Hell, I'd be for ELO if there was a high enough population to support it. Where you would consistently get matched between and against like rated players. But that just isn't the case and won't be the case unless BW/EA does some full scale changes in pvp. Such as just getting rid of bolster in ranked, min 2018 expertise to queue, better class balance, etc... And to respond to your fictious scenario, personally, I don't care if someone gets to 50 wins in 300 games or 52. Sure it's an outlier, but who's to say at the end of that 300 games that the guy wasn't a better pvper or at least equal to the 50-2 dude. They've had a ton of games to improve, hell, they could still have lost their 1st 248 games, and went 50-2 over their last 52 games. It encourages people to continue to queue, where ELO does not. And sure, it's based on the highest ranking you achieved, but if you run into a week of playing with badly balanced classes, trolls, quitters, etc... you're ranking will be irreversibly ruined. So I'm okay with a few abnormalities in the ranking system because it does encourage queueing whereas what we have now is a system that has consistently lost population since season 1. Basically, what we have ISN'T working, and therefore something needs to change.
  14. yes and no. Wins does equate to a pre se ranking. It shows the person who has won the most games, and as thus, the ranking is based on that. And until we have a system that isn't full of loopholes and ways for players to undermine it, then said system needs to change. As it is, I do agree that ELO in and of itself isn't the issue. If we had a large enough population, then matchmaking would/should take care of itself. The challenge is...we don't. And we have a system that allows for people in non-pvp gear to play, whether that be bolsterized, or wearing high enough gear they you can't be bolsterized. If you want a system that does encourage the best and rewards the best, wins is just as much of an indication as any other. Sure, there might be a few outliers in there, as I'm sure there are just as much now in ELO with average people with high rankings that know how to game the queue. But a system that doesn't demolish someones ranking because of all of the loopholes is needed, and wins is about as simple a way to do that as any.
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