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  1. What's the reasoning for this? Can't GMs be expected to manage permissions properly? Our guild is growing very quickly, and I'd like new folks to be able to use the bank.
  2. Visue

    Solos Ruin PVP

    Yeah you already said that. Doesn't mean I want to play with a stacked deck.
  3. Neither one is fun, or fair. The only fun & fair system is to prevent premade vs. pug in random WZ queue. Premade vs. premade only. Pug vs. pug only.
  4. Visue

    Solos Ruin PVP

    Then the answer is no grouping for random WZs. Pugs only.
  5. Visue

    Solos Ruin PVP

    Easy answer - queue premade vs. other premades, and pug vs. pug. The alternative (and currently existing system) is unfair and not fun for anyone.
  6. Premade should only queue against premades. Premade v. pug is an unfair advantage and not fun to play.
  7. Premades should only queue against premades.
  8. The developers have done a good job with class balance in this game. This is an odd choice, and not one I'm sure I agree with. Still, I'm sure they have their reasons. I'd like to see this reflected in the tooltip though. You shouldn't have to do research to figure out what's causing you to be unable to use one of your abilities.
  9. I meant on the Force Barrier tooltip. Never leveled a commando, and that a main defensive cooldown is an "escape" (and hence, unusable in certain circumstances) is far from obvious. This is especially true when the Force Barrier tooltip explicitly states the opposite ("granting immunity to all control, damage, and negative effects while channeled . . . can be used while controlled.") Are there any other abilities that do the same thing?
  10. Thanks. That doesn't make sense, but I'm not here to complain. They should fix the tooltip though, at the very least. It took me several weeks to figure out why my main defensive cooldown occasionally stopped being available in PvP. The explicit language in the tooltip is inaccurate.
  11. Sage Force Barrier cannot be activated when the Electro Net debuff is applied. It took me a while to figure out why my Force Barrier was occasionally greyed out, but I've narrowed it down to this ability. I assume this is a bug and not working as intended. Electro Net is supposed to prevent "high mobility actions and escapes," while Force Barrier "can be used while controlled" and grants "immunity to all control, damage, and negative effects while channeled." One ability is a root, and one is a central class-defining defensive cooldown. Wouldn't make a lot of sense for the one to override the other. So far as I know, Electro Net is the only ability that does this. If this is intended, I'd like to know. Thank you.
  12. PvP class balance in this game is excellent. I'd like to see more warzone brackets, especially in the 30-59 range. But this has more to do with server populations being low. Bring back 12x xp and introduce some sort of free trial sub period so that I might have a chance of convincing my friends to start this game. It's not fun to endure 55+ levels of side-questing in empty zones just to get to current content. I can't reasonably ask friends to give up level-capped characters in other games for that.
  13. Anyone given this a try? I swapped out most of my surge rating (down to ~65% now) and even a few wp/power augs for higher alacrity (10-11% base). It has a different feel: less bursty, but faster reactions, shorter cooldowns, and more mobility. I like the faster pace. I seem better able to stay a step ahead of opponents. Warzone damage/healing numbers are good, about the same as they were before. Still, it goes against conventional wisdom, especially in the TK/lightning department. I play all three specs. I wonder if this would hold me back if I were to stay with it. Any thoughts?
  14. I shared your concerns at the beginning, but the new system works great with the field respec legacy ability. I just memorize where each of my abilities are on my action bar for each of my three specs and I can play whichever I like, whenever I like. I am a fan. Plus, there is still plenty of choice as far as the points go. I find myself experimenting with new combinations all the time.
  15. Did you skip all the quests? I had no trouble hitting 60 well before I finished the story.
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