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  1. >Implying SWTOR doesn't have the most enjoyable leveling system in all of MMOs In games like WoW and even GW2 you just go from place to place pointlessly killing mobs (In the case of GW2 you might change something about the world but lets face it no one really care at the lower levels). In SWTOR you get to choose responses and while they may not do much in the long run its a very engaging leveling process that allows you to mold an actually character instead of an avatar.
  2. Out of 5 right? Oh out of 10. Yeah that guy is freakin high. They gave http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-06-12-duke-nukem-forever-review a 3. And guild wars 2 a 9. Say what you will about the rest of the game but the leveling process is hands down the best in any MMO.
  3. Seems a little petty to me, both charging for action bars and complaining about paying 2USD for action bars.
  4. I'd rather have a weak mixture of what we have than something like GW2, where if you don't like WvWing all the time than you're SOL. Had they picked one thing and foucused on it than this game would go the same path as WAR or GW2. What they have now allows for growth of all MMO aspects.
  5. A good solution to this would be to continue the love interest companion's story line while putting the other on the back burner. Maybe for every 3 LI story continuation you get 1 non love interest continuation.
  6. You can just buy the items from other players from the GTN.
  7. Seeing how you can trade the things you get from the little "Grab bags", can you also trade the consumable unlocks such as the 7-day Warzone pass or Flashpoint pass?
  8. Hope I can get a dev response on this. Seeing how some of the things in the cartel shop seem to be tradeable after a certain amount of time, I was wondering if that included the week end passes.
  9. 1.7: Ilum Revamp 1.8: Random FP 1.9: Makeb 2.0: Space relaunch, Swoop racing and pazzak, Chapter 4.
  10. While I think they could relax on the PvP/E Content restriction (say five a week or so) seeing how it only cost 2.40$ (Assuming its a 100CC:1$ ratio) a week for an unlock and you get the story for free ,I think its a pretty fair deal.
  11. Because that Blue skin red-eyed Chiss has human facial features. My argument against adding things like Wookie and Rodian is the fact that even in SWG they where extremely underplayed when compared to Human and what not. In a word I would not add them simply because there is no demand for them outside of the SWG crowd.
  12. With profits from the initial F2P bump, I think we'll at least see Chapter 4.
  13. Just admit it, when you say, "We want more communication." you just mean, "Answer all my questions even though you've already answered them.".
  14. The thing is though thats all dodging is really good for so why add it?
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