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  1. I have been checking the GTN every day for weeks and I have all the peices except for the chest.. haven't even seen it. also i'm still disappointed there is no medium armour version of this set which can be found on TORHead but not ingame..
  2. I could also just not play the game, that would solve the problem aswell!
  3. I was annoyed with the 25 quest limit pre-1.2, but now there are a ton more quests to get and I can't hold them all, why didn't you increase the limit?
  4. I thought you either had to reach the legacy level, OR you could pay.. now I find I have to have the legacy level AND pay for things? what the hell
  5. because anyone not 50 at this point is a casual. this is actually great, because now I have a chance to check out 1.2 before shelling out for another month before I know it's even worth it
  6. I am willing to be a large sum of money that the majority of the developers play Imps, it's just so obvious that they favour them. How about the fact that Jedi robes have had a giant *** bug since beta that still hasn't been fixed? If this bug was present on capes you can bet they would have fixed it a long time ago since it would affect the Imps mostly rather than Republic players. Also the fact that the main station is much nicer on the imps side, they just copy/pasted it and deleted a ton of stuff on the republic side, even the reflections on the republic side show the imp base!
  7. This is flawed logic. If they don't merge servers they are driving more players away, who cares if a few gaming websites will post the news and then there will be a bunch of kids in the comments saying how it's already dying? screw them, I want to play WITH OTHER PEOPLE. merge the servers already bioware.
  8. anti-aliasing still doesn't work for ATI 6000+ series cards, they said in a couple patch notes back that they fixed it, but they didn't. I still have to force it.
  9. I'm on the same server, it was full a month ago and now it's dead.. really want server transfers :[
  10. I started playing on the highest population EU, English, PVP server during head-start, now during the day there is nobody else online in my guild of over 100+ people, when I join a battleground it ends shortly after starting because of not enough players, there are less than 20 people on fleet and 2-3 people on each planet. An MMO this is not. it's an RPG with online functionality, and if you're happy to pay monthy for such a service, so be it.
  11. Nobody else concerned with this? I for one would like our Tier gear to actually look decent
  12. People must think watchman spec is like playing an Affliction Warlock or something.
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