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  1. Everyone who is leveling an alt or is a new player or returning player. It will in effect reset the battlefield as we will be able to buy Oberon for WZ coms and be able to compete instantly.
  2. I play concealment operative. The problem is when you face someone without their Break Free up it's possible to: Hidden Strike 2s > Stun 4s > Root 2s >Vanish in to Another hidden strike. If many of these crit you practically CC lock someone to death. They should just make Hidden Strike be usable out of combat and make the CD 15 seconds without any CC component.
  3. How do Ops have better burst? Recklessness, Discharge, Maul, Shock is a HUGE burst spike with a massive chance to crit.
  4. Why keep playing concealment operative when they are removing their signature ability? Also operatives are hardly as OP as people say outside of a lucky crit streak with an extra vanish/hidden strike thrown in.
  5. Look at the star wars intro movie as Satele Shan pushes the Sith in to the rocks then crush him under the force. That's the "pebbles". Aside from it being awesome to be inconspicuous in PvP the pebble animation is really weak and boring.
  6. I was playing around with the talent calc today and i came up with pretty much the exact same build with regards to the 2.7 changes and i only have a low level Sage. I suppose when you play mmorpgs long enough you see when something is shaping up to be OP lol.
  7. I want to play my Jedi character but he just feel so impotent (animation wise) compared to my Sorcerer. Force Lighting is BAD *** and pebble throw feels really weak.
  8. Assassins have pretty much exactly the same burst and cc potential as a concealment operative. They even have a bigger chance to crit both their opening attacks. Just look at the abilitiy tree for both classes. I think that fact trumps your anecdotal evidence.
  9. Answer me. How are operatives game breaking and assassins are not? They are virtually identical in the offense department.
  10. And i have re-subbed after the operative buffs so no loss for Bioware.
  11. What's the problem? Debilitate, Flash grenade, Exfiltrate, stealth.
  12. This is excellent! Thank you for posting. I've just returned to the game and this really helped on my new operative. I also changed my 50 war hero gear for level 45 mods and now i'm competitive in Warzones again.
  13. How is the operative "stunlock" any different from assassins? I would put assassin openers even above operatives. They got recklessness for a very consistent chance to crit twice. On my jugg and assassin i have no problems with Operatives unless they burn their vanish to hidden strike twice and get lucky with their crits.
  14. Use deflection along with force speed for those crucial moments. Problem SOLVED. Christ do i need to teach you everything?
  15. There is not a single class i am afraid to fight as a rage juggernaut. Most classes fall over like a card house, Only a PT pyro are really dangerous as there are barely any ways to counter their face roll damage rotation but i give myself 50/50 ANY time. Marauders are strong but a well time choke and push can really screw them over.
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