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  1. Well, my SW would definitely go with the 'kill the traitor' option. Not because I hate Quinn, but because it was 100% OOC for my SW not to do so initially. To put it another way, my character is literally named Macalaure, and Quinn is his Ulfang. (And if you don't get the reference - GO READ THE SILMARILLION NOW!!!) So, basically, Cano doesn't care whether Baras or Morgoth is the original master and Quinn's loyalty was to his original leader. He betrayed Cano and he dies. Outside of my character, my issue is that he switches sides. Okay, so he's loyal to Baras so he betrayes my warrior. Fine. But now you switch sides?! Nope, sorry, that's either cowardice, or you're planning another attempt. I might let you live, but I'm not keeping you around. I can't trust you at my back and in combat that is all that matters. My other characters don't know this though, so they'll take him. (But for some reason my SI couldn't recruit him...)
  2. For some reason I didn't get either.... My LS SI sided with the Sith since she prefers to honor her alliances. (So basically, ALL my characters will pick the Sith for this reason... Even my DS characters are honorable.) But Quinn never joined my alliance. I hate him, but I'm annoyed that I didn't get either character.
  3. My Sith may be neutral, but if I get the option Quinn is DEAD. I don't like betrayal...
  4. I have an idea of what you are going through - because I've seen my hubby play. He's a newbie too and it took him awhile to get used to the play style. I didn't have the same issue, but then again I've played similar RPGs before. The most important thing is too read every skill you get. The worst 'update' BioWare did, in my opinion, was removing the price tag from new abilities. It wasn't that I liked the price tag. But having it there meant that you had reason to scan every move as you got it. This taught me more about the game that anything else. I always do that now and I've only needed help with two things: first chapter end boss with my Sorcerer and Operative. (Sorcerer being my first and main.) Know your powers and abilities. If you do then you'll be good. Get used to your move set by attacking small groups at a time. Make sure other groups don't see you - they will attack. Once you are used to your move set life becomes much easier. Give your companion decent gear. Vette does damage, so give her a powerful set of blasters. You can send her in first to take the damage. Stick to the main roads - most enemies won't attack if you are on one of those.
  5. THANK YOU!!!!!! I've been saying this the whole time... Except for the part about not being able to use both sides of the Force. You cannot master them, but you can use them. Look up the Je'daii. Revan is insane when you meet him on the Foundry. Personally I think his personality has fragmented, a reasonable assumption considering that it has bee rewritten four times. 1 - the Emperor to make Revan his tool. 2- Revan in order to escape said programming. 3- the Jedi to 'redeem' him and because they needed his mind and power. 4- Revan again to escape the Council's program. Then you have the Revanchist persona he created ("Who I am is not important; my message is.") and THEN he's imprisoned for 300 years fighting a mental battle with an Emperor who is trying to reprogram his mind AGAIN. No, he's not sane. To add insult to injury he's playing into Vitiate's hands. Why? Because Vitiate needs to perform a ritual that will render him immortal. What does the ritual require? Countless innocent deaths. What will happen if Revan's plan succeeds? Well, he'll kill out at least TWO sentient species (b/c the Myke are genetically cousins to the Sith) several groups who are not aware of the war (think the Keshiri Sith) anyone descended from the Sith taken by the Je'daii 20000 + years before, and anyone in the Empire or any defector from the Empire who happens to have some Sith blood. I think Vitiate gets his sacrifice. Why are we asked to stop him? Because the Emperor was a trifle indisposed and could not perform the ritual. We aren't really supposed to STOP Revan; we're supposed to DELAY him. Fortunately we win and Vitiate loses. And Revan disappears... As a Consular I want a quest to help Revan heal his mind. During this quest he becomes my teacher and a permanent companion. And yes, you would have the option to draw him further into Darkness...
  6. This is why I love the Je'daii way (though our code needs some work...) We combine the calm of the Jedi with the drive of the Sith. And we had no rebellions either, or at least not among our own. Sigh...
  7. Not all the DS choices have sad endings. I've picked some LS things that made things worse! Then there are some really morally ambiguous ones like:
  8. There was another one on Tarris... You have to find that speeder engine you use in KotOR to win the race.
  9. True. The real Jedi are of the original code. They had only a few Rebellions in 20000+ years. Then the code was changed and there have been non-stop wars ever since.
  10. I'm not sure why Bioware did that... Do they realize they're actually insulting men? Do the men realize that they're being insulted? Probably not... My fave scenes are when my agent uses her appeal to get the guys to spill their secrets. Blue girls rule! (Note: I bet you could get the human only girl with a Pureblood.)
  11. Well, the Je'daii were Force masters who walked the path of neutrality - and managed to redeem 99% of all those who grew too dark... and caught it a lot earlier than the Jedi. They also did not allow people to grow to light because doing so would have made the planet uninhabitable... But they did master many Force techniques. I guess we were the Masters of neutrality, LOL!
  12. The Sith code is not necessarily cutthroat. It's a recipe for personal success. How you interpret it is up to you... And most Sith that we see interpret it in the worst way possible.
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