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  1. Yeah there def is someone golfing, but for the life of me can't remember the planet either
  2. Hello There, After a bit of a break i am looking at getting back into a few things. Based in New Zealand, so playing "late night " for most Looking for a few friends either side to run around and play with, Cheers
  3. New content would be preferable, Have the planets how they are now, but open new areas that are high level, A little like section X i guess.
  4. Any new MMO may more likely be in the lines of Destiny, I couldnt see them going the traditional route, ala SWG/SWTOR
  5. Honestly, I really don't the level scaling. It is great to have - I wouldn't call it a challenge though - competitive game play ( sounds diplomatic) I have always thought planets like Korriban ( especially) would benefit from a high level sector, would give use to planets to have higher level zones added too,
  6. Each new Star Wars movie, or content should have been an easy cash in for new planet content, Obviously it is a bit hard when its set thousands of years in the past, but, that hasnt stopped star wars tie ins previously
  7. Been a few years, and there has been a lot more content added to the game Anyone got any new spots to add
  8. Also, bring back Walls It was a fantastic social feature too, really helped the community interact and added a huge social element for this community
  9. Meh,. Looks a lot better than the one we had for the last few years,
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