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  1. i think they said something about this in the livestream, the world pvp in ilum will be in pvp server i think... i am not pretty sure but i think i heard that
  2. you have to put this in the POT5 forums
  3. dallas dickenson said that but jeff hickman said there will be a world pvp but not a massive world pvp.
  4. and did you read WHAT I PUT? i said not massive world pvp
  5. jeff hickman said: In our Game Update 1.7 you should look forward to some interesting changes to a special PvP area that you have all been asking about (sorry for being cryptic, but this is technically not announced yet), as well as a visit from some old friends, The Gree Enclave (though maybe not in a way you would expect and We have not forgotten Ilum! I think you will see (fairly soon) the answer to this question in the game itself - something big is coming to the Western Ice Shelf, but it’s quite a departure from what was there before. As for pure Open World PvP…well, that’s a more difficult proposition. We are dedicated to providing excellent PvP experiences to our players, but we intend to focus our energy on PvP Seasons and new Warzones. We will be experimenting with a different approach to Open World PvP, something that encourages organic PvP in contested areas in a new and interesting way, but do not look for massive new Open World PvP this year (outside of what I mentioned above). It is still on our design wall, but is taking a back seat to other forms of PvP.
  6. hi everyone. in this post:http://www.swtor.com/info/news/blog/20130102 they talk about bring back the world pvp (not massive world pvp) in the next update 1.7 not with the new details of 1.7 http://www.swtor.com/gameupdates, there is nothing about world pvp. are they gonna bring it? i think that is the more impportant feature of this update. my question is. are they gonna bring a world pvp (not massive)?
  7. how dare you bioware? how can't you give them the ****in' tranfers? i am in USA server but come on! give them the ****in' transfers, you gave it to us why can't they get it? JUST GIVE THEM THE *********** TRANSFERS
  8. i'm sorry bro i hope you get the transfers soon. i am from usa servers but i feel bad about you guys : (
  9. the possibility to get a super rare item is not good, you could spend 100 dolars and don't get what u want,. they need to add more possibility to get these items
  10. thanks bro. we have to get pazaak in this game
  11. i agree with pazaak and swoop bike races (but that is harder to do) Please Bioware hear us!
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