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  1. Thanks for posting your constructive feedback, everyone! Keep up the good posts; we love to hear what you'd like to see in future content!
  2. We did recently add recommended gear levels to Group Finder content to give players a better idea of where they should be before attempting the content (as some others have mentioned). We do appreciate your feedback on this feature and we'll be continuing to watch it!
  3. We have lots of information about Rise of the Hutt Cartel on the way as we approach its launch, so make sure to keep your eye on the website and community blog!
  4. The connection issues have been resolved. If you're still experiencing a problem, please contact Customer Service for further assistance. Thank you all for your patience and we wish you a happy holiday!
  5. Hey everyone, just want to point out the sticky on this issue. We'll keep it updated and as we get new information (I'll share it here, too, but wanted to make sure everyone saw the sticky): http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=576755. Thanks again for your patience as we resolve these issues!
  6. UPDATE 3:01PM CDT: Connection issues have been resolved. If you continue to experience a problem, please contact Customer Service. Thank you for your patience! We are currently investigating login and connection issues affecting some players. We'll update this thread with any new information and appreciate your patience as we resolve these issues.
  7. We're simply merging the threads about the same topic (server issues) so that we can use that thread for updates and keep discussion in one place. None of the posts are deleted; they're just put into one main thread. This helps us keep an eye on comments and keeps the front page clear from duplicates, which (hopefully) helps people see the main thread where we'll update. I'm going to close this, since I hope this information clears things up
  8. Thank you for your reports, everyone. We'll keep you updated as we're able. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  9. I did peek in there to see if a new thread for the Makeb story had been posted yet, but didn't see a recent one. We might move this one over there, though, since the discussion will hopefully be lore-oriented! If I get some new details, I'll bring them here!
  10. We think players interested in lore are going to really enjoy the story in Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and I'd like to share a few more details – this seemed like a good thread for it! The people of Makeb have remained neutral in wars between the great political powers in the galaxy. Relying on their wealth, isolation, and an army of mercenaries, the citizens have enjoyed centuries of prosperity. However, in the midst of the current galactic conflict, the Hutt Cartel has recognized the planet as a crucial stepping stone to increase their organization's standing and reclaim the strength of their ancestors’ empire. They've hired Makeb's mercenaries away and have made the citizens prisoners in their own homes, forcing them to reach out to the Republic in a desperate bid for rescue. The Republic recognizes the Cartel's seizure of Makeb as a bid for galactic power. With victory over the Empire seeming possible for the first time in decades, Supreme Chancellor Saresh is determined to respond to Makeb's request for aid to stop the Cartel before they can become an even greater threat and compromise the Republic’s chance for victory. Taking advantage of the chaos erupting between the Hutt Cartel and the Republic, the Sith Empire makes their own bold play for the hidden power of Makeb, seizing their chance to regain some of the strength lost to internal struggles and at the hands of the Republic's military resurgence. They plan to outmaneuver all their enemies to usher in a new era of Imperial dominance.
  11. We know you're all very interested to hear about how the new level cap is going to affect your class, and I wanted to share a little information about the upcoming changes with you. As part of the new content, every skill tree will be expanding and you can expect significant updates. Players will earn a new skill point with each level, and new skills will be available in each skill tree. Additionally, a new active ability will be introduced for each Advanced Class. We'll have more details about many aspects of Rise of the Hutt Cartel as we approach launch, so keep your eyes on the website and dev tracker!
  12. Hi everyone! While we can't address every concern raised in this thread right now, we can reassure you that the gear you've obtained in our current endgame will continue to be relevant after the expansion is released, and it will provide a great bootstrap into the higher-level content offered by Rise of the Hutt Cartel. You won't be replacing your Dread Guard gear with gear you pick up as you level, and thanks to improvements in the way item power is calculated, we won't be handing out any entry-level gear at the new level cap. You'll hear more about RotHC as we approach its launch, and we'll continue to answer questions and provide more details!
  13. To give you all a better idea of Makeb's scope, it's a planet of equal size to our larger planets and it contains a variety of areas – sprawling mesas, underground caverns, garden estates, and more. It introduces faction-specific storylines, new Heroic missions and bosses, repeatable mission series, and new Datacrons! The 5 new levels will occupy players for a fair amount of time, and there's plenty of content to get you there (including a lot of stuff tucked away for the explorers out there). Keep in mind that this announcement is just the start – as we approach Makeb's launch, you'll see more details about the content coming with Rise of the Hutt Cartel!
  14. To answer the question posed here about purchasing Rise of the Hutt Cartel: We'd like to clarify that Rise of the Hutt Cartel will be available for purchase through SWTOR.com/buy only, and there won't be an option to purchase it using Cartel Coins.
  15. Hi everyone - I asked Jeff Hickman for some clarification for you on whether Makeb will feature an extension of class stories. Here's the info: "The intent for Rise of the Hutt Cartel is to continue your character's story, but envisioned as part of the ongoing struggle of the Empire vs. the Republic. There are lots of great moments for you to enjoy, and it will be shared as two clear storylines. No class specific storylines are included, though I know you guys are going to love what RotHC has to offer." We hope this helps clarify!
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