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  1. How do I remove that annoying window from my screen?
  2. Thank you! I couldn't find any info on that anywhere, least of all from Bioware.
  3. How do you capture a bounty hunt target?
  4. How do we clear mission items from the Mission items box in our inventory? My box is almost full and I cant drop any of them. And they're no longer of any use.
  5. Is there a way to block dueling invites? I'm tired of mommy's little brats spamming duel invites while I'm in a hard fight, it's distracting as hell. I aint found anything on the preferences that seems to do it but I may have missed it.
  6. This is the weap I got in Chapter 12 of KotFE. The blue mods sucketh most heinously. Would upgrading the mods affect what it's obviously supposed to do later in the storyline?
  7. I thought that Diplomacy only gave light points.
  8. I've been playing my Merc for about 3 hours and have been DCd from the server (Jedi Covenant) 4 times. Twice in a 15 minute period. It hasn't happened with my Repub Chars, just my Merc. Has this happened to anyone else? BTW, I aint been able to put in a ticket since it appears that the "help" icon is now gone and has been replaced with a second Cartel icon.
  9. Where's the Combat training targets for the Imps? I just dusted off my Merc and I don't remember where they are.
  10. Are there customization vendors for the KotFE companions like Lana Beniko, Scorpio, etc? They have a customization slot and since this is the ONLY way to customize their appearance what with Bio omitting armor slots for them I assume that they are available. But where?
  11. I just dusted off my Gunnery Commando after a long break from SWTOR. I've tried out both cells and don't see any real difference in effect. Which Cell do you more experienced Gunnys find works better?
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