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  1. Totally agree. Deception is underperforming and hatred is over imo
  2. What legendary(s) are people using for deception/infiltration and hatred/serenity? What about tacticals now? I am still using the same tacticals I was before but am wondering if we should mix that up now with the other changes.
  3. What are people using for a tactical now for AP? The options seem underwhelming. Also, which implant(s) are people getting for AP?
  4. Sounds like you have not been playing PvP on live servers the past 2 days. IN all the reg matches I was in yesterday, Sorc, marauders, and dot spec ruled the dps charts. IF we are seeing such a disparity in PvP, you are either not actually playing on Live or match makeup is more important than the actual classes. Good riddance to people unsubbing on the first day of a big release. We all knew it would be rocky based on past experience. Lets give it a bit for people to find the right combinations of ability selections, obtain legendaries, and the new correct tacticals before we make a snap judgement. I can tell you with great confidence there has been tweaking since the final PTS build. I fully expect there will be more. ONe of the things they were trying to accomplish with the simplifying/dumbing down of combat was to be able to make tweaks and adjustments in a more timely manner. WE just need to play so they can get the metrics they need to start making those.
  5. Personally, I like the black background better. I guess that makes sense since I use "dark" desktop mode on all my computers. My problem with the new UI is it is less efficient than the old one in my opinion. FOr example, I like to keep tabs on how many tech fragments I have especially since you start getting the "almost max fragments" message way too early. I used to be able to see it just by looking at currencies. Now I have to scroll through to find it.
  6. Similar to keybind issue, some of the Preferences -> Control settings stop working after zoning. These include Right click autoloot, area loot, auto target closes enemy and focus target. I am hoping today's maintenance fixes the root cause that affects this and key bindings but wanted to get a report in specifically for this.
  7. Add me to the list of people. Played 3 existing characters and all have the problem. This is the most irritating bug. Im on windows 10 with steam client
  8. If this happened right after you moved and assuming nothing else changed like damage to your pc in transit, then it is most likely a network issue. You service might be fine at your new location, but understand that the route your traffic is taking to/from the servers most likely changed. There might be an issue in the route somewhere. You can see examples of this in old forum posts when servers were unavailable to people or having issues for people. For example, at one point, the route coming from Comcast into the AWS (where SWTOR is hosted) us-east-1 region had a routing issue. It only affected people that were using that particular route. Some of those old posts had troubleshooting techniques to use ping and other network tracing and diagnostic tools to help determine if there was a lag or issue at one of the hops. HTH
  9. If you want to make deathmatching less prevalent in PvP just get rid of the stats at the end of the game or only show objective points.
  10. Well if it is fun in regs, the it doesnt need to be changed.
  11. if the ranked premade groups are trolling regs, then just start signing up for solo ranked and troll them and their ranked score. They get really touchy about it.
  12. Is this set not available in the preview window to see what it will look like before you buy it?
  13. This will never ever happen. Animations for the most part are tied to the weapon you are using. If you allow classes to use other weapon types then you have now have ability x weapon type animations for each ability that uses the weapon in the animation.
  14. All it would take to shut down all the negative hate would be for a dev to confirm or deny that the items missing are coming back in one form or another or to state they aren't simplifying things by removing abilities.
  15. Its pretty obvious that they thought about this. They mentioned they would rework where abilities come from. Today, we get part of our abilities from our base class but most from the advanced class. Obviously they will make changes to where all abilities come from the advanced class. As they mentioned in the live stream the reason for the change is to separate story from gameplay. The only thing that is going to be tied to the base class is the story. All combat and other stuff will be tied to the combat style. You want have a force speed vengence. force speed will still be tied to the 12 playstyles represented by the current 4 advanced classes of counselor/inquistor.
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